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Royal Enfield to introduce 10 new motorcycles – Dubai Car News

Royal Enfield has had some success in recent years. While the brand has always had that charm, it has done well in recent years to incorporate modernity. Royal Enfield is currently gearing up to introduce even more bikes, which will help it maintain its leading position in the market. The newly launched Super Meteor 650 has shown that the brand can attract customers across the range from the 350-cc to the 650-cc segment and almost all their bikes have become popular worldwide.

The new tablet 350

The Hunter, Classic, and Meteor 350 are just a few of the motorcycles based on the J-series that Royal Enfield is producing. Have seen the cycle many times. Spy photos show that it still has a circular headlight and squared-off rear wheel arches. Like the classic 350, the new Bullet 350 will have a revised instrument panel. Royal Enfield is expected to unveil this bike in the first half of 2023.

Royal Enfield Bullet Forest Green

5 new 450 cc bikes

The new 450cc platform is under development at the Royal Enfield workshops. The Himalayan 411 series will be under the umbrella of these bicycles. The first motorcycle to be built on this platform will be the Himalayan 450. The bike has been spotted testing, suggesting that a debut might be nearing. Additionally, Royal Enfield is building 450cc bikes with a strong off-road focus. In addition, Royal Enfield will use this 450cc platform to build a street bike, a cafe racer, and a scrambler.

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3 more new 650 CC bikes

Royal Enfield has a number of bikes under development as a major bet in the 650cc market. A 650cc bike like the Himalaya could be an early model. A single-seat bobber can then be called a shotgun 650. A 650cc Scrambler is also being made by Royal Enfield, according to reports, in light of the expanding Scrambler market.

A fully faired Continental GT

There is a sporty motorcycle called Royal Enfield Continental GT. By introducing the Continental GT with a full fairing, Royal Enfield now plans to go a step further. The bike was tested earlier this year with a modest front fairing and mounting points for a full set of fairings. The bike that was seen also had new mirrors. Probably mid 2023.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup

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