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Should you become an all-electric family? MG may have the answer. – Dubai Car News

TThe number of Australian households owning two cars has skyrocketed over the past year. According to , two-car homes are up to 53 percent. .id communitywhich analyzed data and national statistics.

The increasing demands of driving in modern life and multi-generational households have led to an increase in two-car ownership across Australia, and MG Within their range is a durable response.

MG Motor Australia is leading the way when it comes to encouraging families to start making the transition from internal combustion engine (petrol and diesel) vehicles to EVs by becoming an all-electric family with the MG ZS EV. By enabling and with an interim solution. MGHS Plus EV.

Peter Siau, chief executive officer of MG Motor Australia, said other cars were more likely to be used for short journeys.

“The ZS EV enables kids to practice sports outside of school, through the daily grind, the second vehicle has become an important part of everyday life for many working families in Australia and deserves the same praise. Important cars, for which the HS Plus EV is perfectly suited.

“Electric vehicles (EVs) are often compared to smartphones. Society changed when smartphones took over from landlines, and the same thing is happening with EVs now.

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The company has revealed a range of Electric vehicle (EV) chargers available for purchase now. At its more than 85 dealerships around Australia. called to MG Charge HubThe EV charger is available in two different capacities – a 7kW single-phase version and an 11kW three-phase configuration.

7kW charge hub capable. Recharging an EV with a 44.5kWh battery in a quarter of the time It takes, with the emergency cable supplied with the car, about 19 hours.

“At MG, we’re committed to helping our customers as much as we can, so we felt it made perfect sense to add infrastructure and plug-in hybrid customers to the products we provide for our electric vehicles. Comes.

“This can provide significant savings and ease of motoring, providing reassurance and confidence to households facing the pressures of modern life, including but not limited to range anxiety.”

To celebrate the role of second cars, MG is offering families the opportunity to get a discount on their second car purchase on MG ChargeHub.

“We have achieved our ambitions to deliver value and advance the debate. Now, we take the next step by delivering charging hardware that can be used by many electric vehicle owners in Australia.”

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On most days, living with an EV means unplugging in the morning, driving all day without worrying about how many kilometers are left in the battery, and returning home to plug in again. The experience is not unlike a smartphone, but instead of acting as a communication device, the electric car is a transportation device.

“There’s one difference between owning a ZS EV and an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle that’s easy to understand: With our ZS EV, you never have to go to the gas station again unless you need to use the bathroom. Don’t need to.

“If you have a charge hub, it’s easy to start each day with a full battery pack and zero range worries. By comparison, most ICE drivers must visit a petrol station when their tank is almost empty. He said.

If you don’t have a home charging station, you can power up your ZS EV at a public or workplace charging station.

“Recharging the ZS EV and your HS Plus EV every day is especially easy if you have a ChargeHub. When you get home, you plug in your vehicle, and if you don’t want to, You don’t have to think about the charging process until the next time you drive. At that point, you just unplug, hang the charging cable, and drive.

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Maintenance on an EV is also much cheaper than a petrol or diesel car.

The ZS EV comes with a seven-year unlimited kilometer warranty with fixed-price servicing for peace of mind through the MG Price-Price Servicing Plan. It covers all items that require maintenance as indicated in the service schedule, meaning the price listed is the price you will pay.

Because they have no spark plugs, timing belts or oil to change, EV maintenance costs are lower than petrol and diesel vehicles. Electric vehicle owners can also replace their vehicle’s brake pads less frequently because regenerative brakes use the motor to help slow the car, thereby reducing brake pad wear.

Plus, EVs have fewer moving parts, which means fewer things can break, reducing emergency repair costs. However, some regular maintenance items, such as wiper blades and tire rotation, cost the same regardless of powertrain.

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Some other important aspects of owning an EV or plug-in hybrid EV

  • With a near-silent powertrain, ZS EV has no smell and high smoothness.When it comes to comfort and refinement, the EV driving experience simply cannot be matched by ICE vehicles.
  • The ZS EV’s range at 320 km is sufficient for daily use for most drivers. An HS Plus EV is better for weekend getaways or long-distance road trips. However, the increasing availability of charging stations makes it easier than ever for EV owners to travel away from home.
  • Until you drive one of these vehicles, you will never understand the thrill of the experience. Low end torque at full idle.
  • HS PLUS EV has a combined power output of 189kW and 370Nm – Plenty of power for an SUV of this size. You can get just over 60km of pure electric range from this 16.6kWh battery pack. 0-100km/h is claimed to be 6.9 seconds. When the battery runs out of power, the petrol engine takes over.

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