HT Holden turbo LS 5 nw

Sleeper: Turbo LS powered HT Holden – Dubai Car News

BA cool cruiser can sometimes feel like it takes a month of Sundays, but Ricky Fenwick took his HT Kingswood from a granny spec stocker to a 1000hp smoke machine in literally that time!

HT Holden Turbo LS 1 NwThat’s quite a snail you’ve got there! What is a combo?

This is the engine from our Mitsubishi Triton ute X275 race car that went 8.60@160mph. It’s a six-liter LS2 stroked to 400 cubes, with LS3 heads that are pretty much untouched. The turbo is a GT47 Garrett with an air-to-air intercooler in the grill. Fuel is methanol with eight 2400cc injectors and eight 2000cc injectors, all powered by a Holley Dominator EFI. On the back is a Powerglide and a nine-inch that we bought in Melbourne. The rear end has Gazzard Brothers bars, and the brakes are HQ discs with VN discs out back.

HT Holden Turbo LS 4 Nwstrong! How much power do you think that gives?

It would have to make 1000hp in the engine at that point. The combo works out to around 1150hp in the Triton. I tried running it and it went 6.0@118mph with a very slow 60ft to half track, but I couldn’t get a full pass to boot. It’s better than Triton to tell you the truth! I think it had potential, but I don’t want to ‘cage’ it.

HT Holden Turbo LS 2 NwSo what made you decide to create Ted Bullpit’s Wet Dream?

I was in the pub with some mates one Saturday and they talked me into putting the running gear from the Triton race car as a cruiser at Kingswood. I wanted a sleeper that I could take to the pub and golf at the weekend and just roll around. We went and bought a toe. An old lady from Byron Bay had it and what it looks like now. Just aged from new.

HT Holden Turbo LS 6 NwHow long did the construction take?

We did it in four and a half weeks! It’s a turn key – disc brakes, mounted engine, nine inches, the lot. It was a team effort between the four of us. Many thanks to John and Danny and the team at Spot On Performance and Fabrications.

HT Holden Turbo LS 3 NwWhat is your favorite part of it?

The engine is my favorite part of the idle. It’s a bit of a hairy ride when it gets boost but it feels great to drive on the road. You can even sit next to the cops at the lights and they won’t even look at you!

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