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Street Machine January 2023 Ends Now! – Dubai Car News

TThat Street Machine Summernats pilgrimage is just around the corner, but in the meantime, we’ve got one last cracking issue to tide you over. From grumpy Holden sixes to fat-block V8s, the theme of our first 2023 issue is big power.

Street machine features Falcon Xa Jan on sale engine bay


Rounding out the cover is Paul Hamilton’s 2000hp, twin-turbo, 600-cube belter from the XA sedan. It’s the culmination of a three-decade project, and Paul’s eyes become a “serious seven” when he hits the quarter-mile.

Street Machine Features Vf Valiant


Arthur Mitsoulis’ elite-level VF hardtop returns to Summer Nets 34. With plenty of work from longtime partner George Saad, the genuine Regal packs a 6/71-blow 410 stroker for 720hp at just 8psi of boost and pump 98 juice.



Stefan Tomevski’s Top 60 VL Calais was another ‘Nats 34 neck-snapper with his Nardo Gray and Red Combo, not to mention the flawless RB30 in front of him. It’s totally VL stuff!

Street Machine Features Xd Falcon On Sale January


We drove Sean Anthony’s epic 1500rwhp XD sedan fresh from weekend seven at the Ford-powered Nationals at Heathcote Park. The street-term weapon has served as a test bed for Frank Marchese’s foray into the world of Barra, with bloody impressive results.

Street Machine Features Lc Torana On Sale January


Young lad Anthony Fortunato proves you can still kick it with the grown-ups with your aspirant Holden six-powered LC coupe on your P-plates. The 220ci, J.ZED head mill is as good as it gets, spitting out a more than adequate 280rwhp in a lightweight package.

Street Machine Features Chevy Monza


This is one you don’t see very often on our shores. Falbo Sirani’s Chevy Monza lives up to the ‘small car, big engine’ formula, with Down Town Kustoms working hard to turn the American hatch into a handsome streeter.

Street Machine Features Holden Fb Ute Jan On Sale


If you’re in need of a vitamin C kick, Ray Glouto’s gorgeous FB has it. Ray snapped up the ute in 2012, and has just finished the build, packed with 327 cubes of LS grunt in a very clean bay.

Street Machine Features Adelaide Expo John On Sale


The Adelaide Auto Expo always delivers heaps of top-notch stuff, making it a must-visit on the SM calendar. Pilgrims from across the country agreed, braving floodwaters and broken roads to take in all the action.

Street Machine features Skyline Drag Challenge John on Sale.


We also check out Anthony Burns’ sleepy-AF R31, which hides a Turbo LS and six-cog manual transplant in preparation for a Drag Challenge assault early next year.

Street Machine Features Falcon Geelong on sale.


We haven’t covered the Geelong Revival in the better part of a decade, so we headed down last month to enjoy some show ‘n’ shine goodness and a fun Waterfront Sprint. Victoria briefly turned on good weather and the turnout was huge, making for an epic weekend.

Street Machine Features Garage Safety John On Sale


Simon Major’s workshop series continues with a handy rundown on how to stay safe in the shed. Sure, some of this is common sense, but it’s genuinely helpful stuff combined with Samo’s own close calls and decades of learning experiences in the shed.

Street Machine Features Chevy Nova


On the urban warfare front, DC veteran Damien Boyce’s killer is Seven Seconds Nova. The Radial Racer features sweet paint and panels around the Twin Snail 540 for a wild yet uber-stylish ride.

Street Machine features Smyrnatus HQ


As mentioned, Summernats 35 is right around the corner, so we’ve got 11 pages down on everything to see and do during the massive weekend. Trust us when we say it’s going to last!

Street Machine Features Mill Yearbook


Topping it all off is an astounding 634-cube big-block Chev from the mad minds at Dandy Engines, good for 1200hp, all aspirated!

you will get Street Machine January 2023 Newsagents, supermarkets and hopefully now your mailbox. We’ll see you at Summernats in 2023!

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