Summer 2022 issue preview 4X4 Australia

Summer 2022 issue of 4X4 ​​Australia – Dubai Car News

OhYour final issue of the year is officially out, with Summer 2022 edition Hitting shelves today.

The next-generation Ford Ranger may have gotten the lion’s share of coverage on these pages in 2022, but we’ve ended the year with its biggest rival on the cover.

The widebody Hilux Rogue offers a new suspension package (at no extra cost, mind you), so we spent a few days getting the premium model dirty on some off-road tracks. This makes the upcoming GR Sport variant scheduled for 2023 an interesting prospect.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 81


We also got an in-depth look at a no-fuss custom HiLux in the form of the 2016 N80 SR5 variant. Built specifically for the lap of the map, this Hilux is meticulously assembled using first-rate equipment including ARB Deluxe Bullbar, Oldman Emo Suspension, Paul Paget Welding Tray, Busch Company AX27. Alpha Rooftop Tent, and a state-of-the-art electrical equipment are included. Setup

2016 Toyota Hilux Custom


Bigger isn’t always better, but this custom 2021 Ford F-350 makes a compelling case for big things. Spending your days hauling around a 4.5-tonne caravan means this F-Truck needs plenty of poke, and it delivers in spades with a high-performance tune that claims 475hp (354kW) at the wheels. is on The big rig has also received a complete suspension overhaul and an AMVE canopy among a long list of standard kit.

Ford F350 Custom


We then pitted an all-new Everest in top-spec Platinum guise against the segment-dominating Prado, in top-spec Kakado trim, to see if the Everest could finally dethrone the Prado from mid-size. May be. 4×4 wagon throne.

4 X 4 Australia Reviews 2022 Ford Everest Platinum Vs Toyota Prado Kakadu 102


Our MU-X build is almost complete, with the last few pieces of the puzzle. This month, we installed a CTEK auxiliary battery system and Century Lithium Pro secondary battery, to keep our campsite setup humming through the night.

4 X 4 Australia Gear 2022 MU X Blood Century Battery and CTEK 5


Deputy editor Evan Spence also spent a week doing what most of us dream of: driving a Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side from Funke to the Simpson Desert. Yes, the rest of us were a little jealous. Read all about it in this issue.

What else is there?

  • Journey to the Western Deserts, SA to WA
  • Finding Wilpina pounds from Uinta, SA
  • A companion lithium power station was tested.
  • New 4×4 products in the market
  • Opinion columns, breaking news and more

4X4 is Australia’s Summer 2022 issue. Out right now.

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