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IIt’s that time of year again! We promise to be the most spectacular episode yet of Australia’s biggest horsepower party, Street Machine Smyrnats 35, which rolls out in Canberra on 5-8 January 2023.

All 3,000 car entries and platinum spectators have sold out months in advance, so it’s highly likely we’ll see record crowds through the gates over all four days to kick up some mud and get the tires rolling. Can be sent to the cemetery.

Speaking of which, with so many cars on hand, you can guarantee that Skid Row will be pumping hard all weekend long, while the Burnout Pad is once again the Burnout Masters and Burnout Champions. The ship will host the best of both titles, as the fighters compete for more and more. $40K in prize money in both classes.

Street Machine Events Summer Nets Top Elite Hall 2


Records are also being broken indoors, with the Summer Nets crew hinting that more than 30 brand new buildings could be unveiled in the Top 60 Elite Hall during the Great Maguire encore, which is now Thursday. Night has moved on to really kick off the weekend. on a large scale

We suspect the other reason to push the unveiling is that Friday night will be all about the killer line-up on the music stage. None other than Australian rock legends Shannon Noel, Diesel, Jon Stevens and Daryl Braithwaite will rock the main stage throughout the night, starting at 6:45 p.m.

Street Machine Events Summernats Burnout Gemini


Our friends at MPW will be in the dyno hall all weekend with tuning workshops and the Haltec Horsepower Heroes dyno competition, while outside, fan-favorite lawnmower racing kicks off Friday as well as a special celebrity mower race. will begin. on Saturday.

The Canna Main Arena will also host fashions on the field, a body art comp, and of course the mullet competition, with the new addition of a national pie eating comp on Saturday.

The Drift Cadet crew will once again be back in their sliding machines with demos and rides throughout the weekend, while Tough Street will be showcasing some of Australia’s biggest machines right next to Skid Row.

Street Machine Events Summernats Fashions


The Fringe Festival, held in the streets of Braden, is back this year and even bigger. Held on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 p.m., this is where you can see all sorts of wild Smyrnatus entries roaming the streets.

Combine all of that with Saturday-afternoon Super Cruises, Bliss N Eso performing Saturday night, vodka slushies and Dogwood dogs, and it’s shaping up to be the best of the best. Street Machine Yet Smyrnatus!


Street Machine Events Summernats Skid Row


skid row

Action on Skid Row (above) starts at 1pm on Thursday, where anyone who enters can burn tires at full blast without getting out!

Street Machine Events Summer Nets Top Elite Hall 1


The Great Meguiar’s Naked

If you thought last year was a big year for unveilings, then what the ‘Nats 35 have has nothing on it.

There will be more than 30 cars on display for the first time, and it has also been moved to a Thursday night to give punters an extra day to see the immaculate machines.

Street Machine Events Summer Nets Fringe Festival


Fringe Festival

The Summer Nets Fringe Festival returns to Braden this year, with organizers shutting down a large section of Canberra’s CBD from 6pm until late to allow Summer Nets-goers to stroll the streets and hit the bars and restaurants. can go. It will create a great atmosphere, and will run both Friday and Saturday nights.

Musical acts!

Taking center stage on Friday night is the Australian Rock Festival, with Shannon Noel opening for a star-studded line-up including John Stevens, Diesel and Daryl Braithwaite.

Street Machine Events Summernats Grand Champion


Grand Champion Award

The road to the Grand Champion of the Summer Nets (above) gets serious on Sunday morning, before the crowning of the Grand Champion at 12:30 p.m., with the Motorkhana and Go-To-Hova events taking place on the pad from 11 a.m.

More awards!

Silverware is also offered for the Tough Street, PPG Supreme and Haltec Horsepower Heroes dyno comps.

Street Machine Events Summernats Burnout Masters


Burnout Masters

The Burnout Masters (above) will return to the pad on Saturday for final eliminations before Sunday’s Top 10 Shootout. They will light up the crowd from 4 p.m.

Street Machine Events Summernats Mullet


Mowers and Mullets

Saturday is a big day on the main stage, with mullet (above), body art and even pie-eating competitions. There will be celebrity bite races as well as traditional Twilight Super Cruises.

Don’t laugh!

As you may know, Summernats got pretty wild on the 34 Saturday afternoon cruise. ‘The Nats team let it go a bit longer than usual at this point because we were all locked up for two years.

However, ACT Police and WorkSafe have made it very clear that we all need to keep our cool on the cruise line as we normally do.

If you mess up the cruise route, you could be kicked off the show and be the one to shut down the event. For a day, or forever.

So rip a skid in Skid Row. Burnout on the burnout pad. Cruise on the cruise line. It’s that simple.

Don’t be that person.

Street Machine Events Letter 8 T-Shirt


Street Machine Merchant

our Luggage The stand will return to the Rare Spare Pavilion this year, with our brand new LITRE8 t-shirt on offer (above). We’ll also have books, stickers, hats, tank tops and more, so make sure you come say G-Day and grab some. Sm swag


Street Machine Events Summer Nets Burnout Yellow


First Day

Thursday 05 January

The first day of Smyrnatus used to be just about signing in, checking in and jumping on a beer, but now it’s become one of the most important days of the entire weekend.

For the Burnout Warriors, Thursday afternoon will once again host the Last Chance Wild Card Shootout for the Burnout Masters, with 33 drivers duking it out for one last chance to earn a spot in Saturday’s eliminations. .

For the first time, the Great Maguire encore has been pushed to a Thursday night, so Elliott Hall is packed to the brim as the cover is performed for a record 31 times never seen before.

Cruising begins at 9 a.m., Skid Row doors open at 1 p.m., and the Top 60 Finalists show also meets at lunchtime.

It’s all going to make for a great first day!


07:00-20:00: Internal camping check-in and check-in
09:00-21:00: The cruise line is open.
11:00-22:00: Public doors are open.
12:00-13:00: City Cruise
13:00-20:00: skid row
16:00-18:00: Last Chance Wild Card Shootout
19:30-20:30: The Great Meguiar’s Naked

Street Machine Events Summer Nets Beans


Second day

Friday 06 January

Day two of ‘Nats 35 sees the dyno hall open for both the Haltech Horsepower Heroes Comp and the MPW Tuning Masterclasses, while the Drift Cadets slide in from 9am for demo sessions and passenger rides.

The top 60 finalists also show up to Elite Hall on Friday, along with all of Thursday night’s unveilings.

The Tough Street Showcase kicks off, and during the Masters break, the Burnout Championship elimination matches begin at 1 p.m.

The Fringe Festival in Bredon will see the local streets buzzing with Smyrnatus entrants from 6pm until late, while Shannon Noel kicks off a killer night of Aussie rock on the Keena Main Stage from 6.45pm. do


09:00-20:00: Public doors are open.
09:00-20:00: Top 60 finalists show
09:00-21:00: The cruise line is open.
09:00-20:00: Haltec Horsepower Hero
10:00-15:00: Tough Street Showcase
11:00-20:00: skid row
13:00-18:00: End of the Burnout Championship
18:00-23:00: Braden Fringe Festival
18:45-23:00: Concert: Shannon Noel, Jon Stevens, Diesel, Daryl Braithwaite

Street Machine Events Summernats 34 Sinner


The third day

Saturday 07 January

Saturday is historically the biggest day of any Smyrnatus, and this year will be no exception. It’s a big day on the Canna Main Stage, with fashion, body art, mullet and pie eating competitions all day long.

There will also be a celebrity mowing race, as well as silverware handed out for elite judging and tough street.

With two sessions of burnout action as well as the Burnout Championship eliminations, the Burnout Masters will hit the pads for their knockout round at 4 p.m.

The traditional Super Cruise around the main square will take in musical act Bliss N. Eso and DJ Brook Evers, with the night ending with a spectacular fireworks display. And remember, kids, there’s still one day left.


09:00-10:00: The motor house
09:00-16:00: Street Finalist Display
10:00-15:00: Tough Street Final Verdict
11:00-20:00: skid row
11:00-13:00: End of the Burnout Championship
13:00-13:30: Celebrity Lawnmower Race
13:30-14:00: Fashion in the field
14:00-14:30: Body Art Nationals
14:30-15:00: Mullet competition
14:00-16:00: End of the Burnout Championship
15:00-15:30: Pie eating contest
15:30-16:00: Elite Awards
16:00-18:00: Burnout Masters Qualifying
18:00-23:00: Fringe Festival Braden
19:00-20:00: Super Cruise
20:00-21:45: Concert: Brooke Evers
22:00-22:45: Concert: Bliss En So
22:45-23:00: fireworks

Street Machine Events Summer Nets Burnout Punk


Fourth day

Sunday 08 January

Sunday is the last day of Smyrnatus, and it is the day of the silverware when the champions are crowned.

Early birds can head to the burnout pad to watch Australia’s mintest machines duke it out in the motorcade before heading to Australia’s ultimate show car prize, Street Machine Summer Nets Grand Champion.

The PPG Supreme Display is also a highlight on Sunday morning, followed by their awards later in the day.

The MPW Dyno Cell hosts the Haltech Horsepower Heroes Finals, and after lunch the Burnout Championship Finals begin.

From 3pm, 10 of Australia’s best burnout fighters will go head-to-head for ultimate bragging rights and a huge cash prize in the Burnout Masters finale, and then Summer Knots 35 comes to a close when everyone is ready. Goes and reminds him of what will undoubtedly happen. A Smyrnatus for the ages.


09:00-17:00: Public doors are open.
09:00-10:00: Go to Wow
09:00-14:00: skid row
09:00-16:00: The cruise line is open.
09:30-11:30: PPG Supreme Display
10:00-13:00: Final of Haltec Horsepower Heroes
11:00-12:00: Grand Champion Driving Events
12:00-12:30: Presented a brilliant seven
12:30-12:45: Grand Champion Presentation
13:00-15:00: Burnout Championship Final
15:00-16:00: Burnout Masters Final
17:00: Smyrnatus closed

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