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Tata Motors’ new milestone – 50,000 EVs produced – Dubai Car News

India is embracing the EV revolution, and as a result, the country’s leading automaker, Tata Motors, has achieved a significant milestone by launching its 50,000th EV on November 7.

From its factory in Pune, the company today launched its 50,000th electric vehicle. The company achieved this target ahead of schedule thanks to a supportive regulatory climate, good word of mouth from repeat customers, realistic product options, improved ride and handling, and attractive cost of ownership.

Official statement

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Limited and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited said, “As the pioneer of EVs in the country, it was our responsibility to ensure successful adoption. With a well-calibrated product mix and strong customer-facing initiatives, we have been able to overcome barriers to EV adoption. We have built a complete EV ecosystem with Tata Group companies to support our to deliver simple, cost-effective solutions for consumers.” Celebrating the 50,000th EVs in India is a strong testament to how our portfolio is resonating with people across the country. EVs offer a practical solution to rising fuel prices and worsening pollution problems. Customers are now ready to welcome EVs and we are excited to witness the transition from early adopters to EVs now becoming the mainstream choice for Indian consumers.

How Tata is making EVs accessible and easy to use

Everyone has access to an EV, thanks to Tata Motors for democratizing electric mobility in India. The company’s thorough understanding of EV consumers has led to an exciting product mix with the most relevant features, from India’s most popular SUV brand Nexon EV to the latest addition, Tata Tiago EV, India. ’s first electric hatchback is included. .

To meet customer expectations, the company has not only added features such as multi-mode region and multi-operate mode but also instructed customers on how to drive their EVs to maximum range. The high-voltage Ziptron architecture, which has been tested and driven over 450 million km across a variety of challenging Indian terrains, powers all products and offers an unparalleled, uncompromising EV experience. .

Tata Motors has provided software updates to existing EV customers so that they can benefit from a new driving and ownership experience besides developing new products to meet the changing needs of customers. Tata Motors has expanded its network to over 165 cities in an effort to make EVs more widely available to consumers. This has helped people adopt EVs as their primary form of personal transportation. Tata Motors plans to launch 10 EVs in the next five years and is focusing on a three-phase architecture strategy for EVs.

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