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Tata Motors to revive Nano as an EV? – Dubai Car News

Tata Motors currently leads the Indian EV race with over 80% passenger EV market share. All this thanks to its range of electric vehicles on sale today. The company’s EV portfolio ranges from the affordable Tiago and Tigor EV siblings to the Nexon Electric SUV. Notably, Tata has made the Nexon EV available in different editions based on the looks, namely the Jet Edition and the Dark Edition while another one offers an enhanced range and performance package. Nexon EV Max

Tata Tiago.ev, Tigor EV, Nexon EV Jet Edition and Nexon EV Max

The rise of micro-electric vehicles

Tiago.ev has become the cheapest electric car in the country and is crossing milestones in terms of its booking numbers. It highlights the type of car potential EV buyers are looking for – an affordable and small, electric city car and the Tiago.ev ticks most of the boxes in that regard.

Mahindra Atom Electric Quadracycle, PMV EaS-E, MG Air EV

It looks like the micro-electric car segment will have a lot of buyers in the country as MG is also planning to tap into this space with its upcoming Air EV. Mahindra also showcased its EV quadricycle, the Atom EV, at the previous Auto Expo while startups like PMV Electric; which recently unveiled its micro EV, the EaS-E. A two-seater micro-EV will also happily reach the spot with its products.

Watch our video about PMV EaS-E here!

Speculations about the Nano EV

Here comes speculation about Tata Motors’ plans to revive Ratan Tata’s dream project, the Nano, as an EV. Earlier this year, the company’s former chairman received an electric version of the Nano as a gift from the Pune-based Electra EV startup that Tata himself founded. The news provided a solid foundation for speculation that an entirely new, ground-up, born-electric version of the Nano could be in the works.

About the Electra EV

Electra EV provides Rattan Tata and Nano EV.

For those unfamiliar, Electra EV is a manufacturer of electric vehicle battery packs, powertrains, battery management systems, and other EV components for Tata Motors. And the startup specially made the Nano EV as a gift for Mr. Ratan Tata.

Could the Nano EV become a reality?

The Nano’s compact dimensions and surprisingly spacious interior would make it a perfect candidate for a launch in this segment from the Tata Motors stable to further expand its range of EVs. The Nano’s noisy powertrain problems can also be easily solved by its silent electric version.

However, managing space for the battery pack and motor inside the Nano’s small engine bay will be a tricky thing for TaMo’s engineering team. Not only this, the company, which is committed to offering safe vehicles, has to make the electric version of the Nano safe enough to get maximum safety ratings from testing agencies like Global NCAP.

Tata’s Tigor EV was also recently crash tested by G NCAP and scored close to its ICE sibling with a commendable four-star adult safety rating.

But despite all these speculations, the company has not made any official announcement regarding the Nano EV. Asked about the rumour, a Tata Motors spokesperson said “Tata Motors does not comment on speculations and upcoming vehicles.”

Tata Motors EV Concepts

Nano EV aside, the homegrown automaker has showcased some interesting EV concepts so far. Tata Motors had the Altroz ​​EV, Nexon EV, and the exciting Sierra EV concept at the previous Auto Expo 2020.

Tata Altroz ​​EV, Avinya EV, Sierra EV and Curvv EV concepts

The Altroz ​​​​and even the Sierra concept, which is based on the brand’s ALFA architecture, makes it possible for Tata to create an efficient electric version of the future premium hatchback and SUV. While the Punch, which is based on the same platform, could be next in line to launch its EV version through TaMo.

The latest EV concepts seen from the brand are the Curvv coupe E-SUV and the Avinya E-SUV based on Tata’s ‘Gen 3 electric architecture’.

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