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Tesla is making a comeback in the small car, set to outshine all current models. – Dubai Car News

TTesla CEO Elon Musk said the brand’s third-generation electric vehicle platform could cost half as much as the current Model 3 and Model Y architecture.

According to , the information was disclosed during the recent earnings call. Clean Technicawith Musk claiming that a smaller model would significantly lower the brand’s cost of entry.

While details on the small EV are slim, it’s expected to feature a hatchback body to rival the Volkswagen ID.3, which is likely to be produced in Shanghai, China – Australia’s Model 3 and Model Y. Country of Origin

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The Chinese plant has an annual capacity of approximately 750,000 units, the largest installed capacity of Tesla’s vehicle production facilities. It can also be manufactured in multiple plants, as seen with the Model Y, which is made in China, Germany and two US plants (California and Texas).

With the potential to cut production costs by 50 percent, the hatchback could start at US$23,495 (AU$36,810) – half as much as the cheapest Model 3 in the US. However, it will cost around US$30,000 (AU$47,000) for higher profits.

“We don’t talk about exact dates, but that’s … the main focus of our new vehicle development team, obviously. At this point, we’ve done engineering for the Cybertruck and the Semi,” Elon Musk said in a third. said in response to a question regarding the cost reduction of generation electric vehicle platforms.

Wheels Review 2022 Tesla Model 3 Deep Blue Metallic Australia Dynamic Rear 2S Rawlings


“Obviously, you can guess what we’re working on, which is the next-generation vehicle, which will be about half the price of the 3/Y platform. To be fair, it will be smaller, but I would think fast on that… more than all our other vehicles produced combined.

Tesla Chief Financial Officer Zach Kirkhorn added: “We’ll take everything we learned from the S, X, 3, Y, Cybertruck and Semi into this platform”.

“As you’ve told us many times, we’re on a 1-for-2 target. So we’re trying to get to that 50 percent. [reduction] Renumber.”

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