2023 tesla model y v tesla model 4

Tesla secretly downgraded the Model Y performance brakes. – Dubai Car News


  • The mechanic discovered that the Model Y had small brakes in performance.
  • The Brembo rears were replaced with smaller Mundo rotors.
  • Not sure if this will apply to landing in Australia.

An American electric vehicle mechanic workshop has discovered that Tesla has ditched the Brembo rear brakes on the Model Y Performance in favor of smaller Mando units.

ZEV Centric First noticed the change in September 2022 with the Mando rear rotor, which is now 2mm thinner than previous Brembos (20mm vs 22mm respectively) and lacks vents.

The former also has a smaller brake pad on both calipers.

As before, the front calipers and rotors on the Model Y Performance are identical to the regular base rear-wheel-drive model, albeit painted red.

2022 Tesla Model Y RWD V Kia EV 6 Air Thomas Wielecki 100


Tesla is known for making race changes without adhering to traditional model years, so we’re not sure if these performance brake changes will make it to the Model Y Performance when it’s delivered later this year.

We get the electric SUV from the Shanghai factory, while the Americans get it from their domestic Fremont and Texas plants.

The Tesla Model Y lineup recently received a price cut as demand declines due to an uncertain economy, lower production costs, and restructuring of supply chains.

2022 Tesla Model Y RWD V Kia EV 6 Air Thomas Wielecki 48


The flagship Performance now costs $98,435 before on-road costs (down $1800) and mileage. A hot dual-motor powertrain capable of sprinting from 0-100 kmph in just 3.7 seconds, a large battery for a claimed driving range of 514 km, 21-inch Bertrandbine wheels, low suspension, Carbon fiber spool, and alloy paddles.

Since October, the American EV company has started removing the ultrasonic sonar sensor to fully function on its camera-based ‘Tesla Vision’ safety assistance system.

However, features like parking distance sensors, automatic parking and smart summons have been temporarily disabled, but will be reintroduced later with an over-the-air software update.

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