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Tesla software update adds dog mode monitoring – Dubai Car News

Tesla has released its annual Christmas over-the-air (OTA) software update for its electric cars, including remote cabin camera monitoring, Track Mode for the Model Y performance SUV, Apple Music support and more.

The latest 2022.44.25 update is now rolling out to all Tesla EVs in Australia, including the Model 3 sedan, Model Y crossover, and the older Model S and Model X.

Owners will receive a notification once a software update is available in the touchscreen settings or in the ‘Software’ tab of the Tesla Mobile app. Once downloaded, the vehicle cannot be driven or charged during installation.

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What’s New in the 2022 Tesla Holiday OTA Update?

The update doesn’t bring a major user interface overhaul like last year’s V11 software, but introduces some handy new features and easter eggs. Some features require Tesla’s Premium Connectivity subscription, which costs $9.99 per month.

Apple Music

The Apple Music streaming app is now built-in to Tesla vehicles, in addition to Spotify, Tidal and TuneIn.

Users need to log in to their Apple ID account by scanning a QR code, have an active Apple Music subscription, and a Premium Connectivity subscription.

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Cabin camera surveillance

Tesla owners can now view the interior camera via the mobile app using dog mode or sentry mode for live monitoring of the cabin in addition to viewing exterior cameras.

Premium Connectivity subscription required.

Driver’s Instrument Cards

Media controls are now located in the instrument section to be closer to the driver. Swiping up opens ‘Recent & Favorites’ and ‘Sources’.

It also reproduces trip and tire pressure information for the Model 3 and Model Y by swiping left and right, without going to the settings menu by swiping left or right on the media control card.

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Revised navigation UI

The layout of the built-in Google Maps has been redesigned with more prominent next turn directions and other information such as battery level on arrival, ETA and a cancel button are now located below the display.

Climate control fan speed

Automatic climate control can now be set to low, medium or high fan speed intensity.

Auto indicator

Turn signals are now automatically disabled after completing a lane charge, fork or merge.

This can be turned off via the ‘Lights’ section of the Settings app.

Ev Buyers Guide Tesla Model Y 8 Interior


Track mode for Model Y performance

The flagship Tesla Model Y performance crossover gets a track mode to unlock the stability control, powertrain and braking tweaks already found in its Model 3 performance twin.

However, it should only be used on controlled track conditions.

Bluetooth phone compatibility

When you make a call on your phone and first step into your Tesla, it will confirm to transfer the call over the vehicle’s Bluetooth first, instead of automatically switching.

Additionally, owners can now search for specific contacts when a smartphone is connected via Bluetooth.

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Multiple bluetooth gaming controllers

Several gaming controllers can be connected via Bluetooth at the same time to play multiplayer games in the arcade.

Rainbow Concepts

By toggling ‘Always Rainbows’ in the Toybox section, Rainbow Road concepts can be permanently displayed when autopilot is enabled.

Scheduled light show

The Christmas Light Show can be scheduled through Toybox up to 10 minutes ahead of time. This enables multiple Tesla vehicles to be shown at the same time.

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Disable automatic door handles.

The Tesla Model S large sedan can disable its automatic pop-up exterior handles when parked indoors.

Skip the automatic door opener.

The Tesla Model X large SUV can now disable its automatic front door unlocking while parked indoors.

Fart mode via mobile app

The popular ‘Emissions Testing Mode’ can now be accessed from the Tesla Mobile App.

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‘Verified’ fart mode

A new fart sound has been added to ‘Emission Testing Mode’. It’s called ‘verified’ and has a Twitter tick symbol.

Opening the garage door

Tesla EVs also support myQ connected garage door openers for remote monitoring and control via touchscreen.

Additionally, when Connected HomeLink is near garage doors, it now displays the activate or cancel buttons and the number of meters before the signal is transmitted when it’s set to auto open/close.

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What is not yet available in Australia?

Some features in Tesla’s latest 2022 Christmas update aren’t available to Australians, mostly because the facelifted Model S large sedan and Model X large SUV aren’t on sale yet – but both flagship electric cars in the US Starting to come out. First time in Europe.

steam (son)

Valve’s Steam Gaming Store now enables the updated Model S and Model X to purchase, download and play PC-grade games using their AMD Ryzen processor and Navi 23 graphics unit. Gamers can connect gaming controllers, mice and keyboards.

Premium Connectivity subscription required. Only Steam Deck approved games can be played.

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The ubiquitous virtual meeting app Zoom is available for the interior of the Model 3, Y, updated S and X cabins. Video and screen sharing only appear while parked and switch to audio only while driving.

Premium Connectivity subscription required.

Rear screen controls

The updated Tesla Model S and X have displays for rear-row passengers. It can now be controlled directly from the front and owners can select the front or rear display as the audio source or lock the rear screen entirely.

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