2024 suzuki jimny long spied

The 5-door Suzuki Jimny Long was unveiled in the jungle without camouflage – Dubai Car News

Well, we’ve heard the rumours, we’ve seen pictures of it under the cover and now we can finally see what it looks like. 2023 Suzuki Jimny 5 Door Long The model will look like the final product.

This photo was published today. Autocar IndiaAnd You can find the original article here. – but the original source, an Instagram post, appears to have been removed.

According to Autocar India, 5 Door Jamni It is set to make its global debut at the Auto Expo 2023 next month. The vehicle was spotted somewhere in North India, rumored to have undergone a final round of testing before release.

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Image: 2022 Suzuki Jimny long rendering, courtesy mail.ru

What we know so far.

Based on popular JB74 Suzuki JimnyThe length of the five-door Jimny is said to be 3850 mm. A rumored 300mm increase in wheelbase.

If you can call the Jimny comfortable, it offers space for two additional doors, providing a more comfortable seating experience for the occupants.

This extra length is also a boon for recreational users, providing more room inside to store camping gear etc., especially with the seats folded flat.

2022 Suzuki Jimny Long Rendering - mail.ru


Image: 2022 Suzuki Jimny long rendering, courtesy mail.ru

The five-door Suzuki Jimny K15B is expected to retain the 1.5L naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine, which is unchanged from the current Jimny.

The same applies to the transmissions on offer, a five-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic transmission will also do the job.

Personally, I’d love to see a turbocharged engine offered to help lift the five-door model’s extra weight, but I’m not surprised to hear that the same engine and transmission combo will remain. Fingers crossed we see something more powerful in the coming years.but for now it seems to be the 1.5L engine.

Autocar India Production of the Jimny five-door is expected to begin next year, with an Indian market launch in mid-2023, the report said.

News Maruti Jimny 5 Door Spyder 1068 X 534


The new five-door Jimny was spied earlier this year.

Will the 5-door Jimny be sold in Australia?

Australian delivery has not been confirmed, however, Suzuki CEO Michael Picchuta said in early 2022:

“The moment it is available for our country, I will place as many orders as I can. When anything starts with the word Gemini, it just ends in sales.

“I can tell you there’s a lot of speculation, but can I confirm that one is coming to Australia? No, I can’t. It’s an incredible product, we’re sure.” They are going to raise their hands for it,” he said.

Stay tuned as more updates roll in, and it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to getting our hands on a proper off-road test.

Will that extra wheelbase hinder off-roading? Will the 1.5L engine have enough grunt to move a 5-door Jimny? And how much will it all cost? These are the questions we want to answer.

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Above: Jimny in its regular three-door guise

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