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The Ather 450X gets updated, gets better. – Dubai Car News

Aether Energy, India’s leading producer of electric scooters, kicked off the year with a number of industry firsts and highlights of its product line-up at its premier client event, known as Aether Community Day. . The biggest update to Aether’s software engine, which powers the vehicle, is Aetherstack 5.0. In addition to providing Google-powered vector maps, AtherStack 5.0 will power a brand new user interface for the dashboard. Four new colors, a new, comfortable seat, AutoHoldTM, a program that offers an unmatched five-year extended battery warranty, and Aether’s range of scooter accessories and products were introduced to the firm’s customers. All were additional alternatives.

The Ather 450X gets updated gets better Dubai Car
Aether Community Day

The Ather 450X’s software engine, known as AtherStack, consists of multiple interconnected layers of software, firmware, system intelligence, and algorithms. Compared to every other EV, AtherStack enables intelligent auto-cutoff when plugged into a charger, greatly extending your battery life. It also allows the rider to ride at higher speeds using the maximum torque of the scooter for a longer period of time without derating.


The dashboard has a new design and an even more user-friendly UI thanks to the all-new AtherStack 5.0. Thanks to the new UI, the overall dashboard operating experience will be improved. Thanks to a home screen change, users can now configure their rides with features like Bluetooth connectivity and navigation before the engine even starts. With the addition of new ride animations, which now show power usage and usage in different ways, rides are more intuitive and efficient. With the addition of quick controls, users can now quickly change settings like brightness or turn off incoming call notifications.

The new UI was developed using a user-centered design experience in which Ether observed each passenger’s eye movements to analyze how they interacted with the device. The goal was to reduce bottlenecks and greatly increase accuracy. Aether claims that the new UI has reduced ride screen time by 50-60% and doubled ride accuracy.

Google Maps

The Google Maps Ether is the world’s only scooter with onboard Google Maps navigation. The new AtherStack 5.0 UI includes vector maps, which are smarter and more user-friendly than previous iterations. On a two-wheeled smartphone, VectorMaps will provide the user with an experience as close as possible to Google Maps. Updated maps feature live traffic and navigation from a rider’s perspective. Additionally, this means that on-board navigation is much more user-friendly, provides much more context, and instantly adapts to the user’s location and riding style.

Auto hold

Ather announced AutoHoldTM technology, which ensures that the scooter never slides backwards or forwards on slopes, powered by AtherStack 5.0. Auto holdTM The manual brake locks or any basic implementation of hill hold available on other two-wheelers provides an immersive experience supported by a mix of different sensors and algorithms. There’s the same automatic, immediate, and consistent feel in any riding condition. This guarantees a lot of rider confidence and makes cruising through stop-and-go traffic on any surface extremely practical.

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Auto hold feature

Ether Battery Protect

Aether launches Battery Protect.TM, extending the battery warranty to 5 years/60,000 miles, which is a big step for first-time owners. This is the only warranty policy of its kind in the market which ensures that the battery remains in good condition even after five years apart from covering battery issues. Owners will be able to get the most out of the scooter’s performance, ride after ride, without worrying about the scooter running out of range after a few years of use. This gives all Ether owners new confidence in the durability and performance of our battery. Ether Battery ProtectTM Now included with the 450X, giving it 3 + 2 years of coverage. Ather 450 Plus users can get this additional 2-year warranty for INR 6,999.

the color

Aether has introduced 4 new colors – True Red colour, inspired by the racing industry, Cosmic Black color was inspired by Aether’s beloved Series 1 Limited Edition scooter. The ethereal contemporary interpretation of vintage classic scooters is the Salt Green color. The world-famous Nardo ring served as the idea for the new lunar gray color, which combined with the red alloy, shows a truly serious performance. Additionally, the 450 series has been kept in white and space gray colors, giving customers a total of 6 color options.

The Ather 450X gets updated gets better Dubai Car

New seat design

On the 450X and 450 Plus scooters, Ather has added a new, redesigned seat to increase the comfort level of the scooter. The redesigned seat thickness is thicker and is now narrower in the front, flatter in the middle and sharper in the rear. Additionally, the revised seat is now more comfortable for riders with a variety of body types. Additionally, the set is backwards compatible with all 450 generations and is available for purchase from previous owners at Ether Experience Centers.

Ether Neighborhood Charging

Aether has introduced its new project, Aether Neighborhood Charging, in an effort to improve the wider EV ecosystem and the concerns of all stakeholders. This charging system provides users with access to charging stations in public areas including corporate buildings, tech parks, and residential complexes. This will provide hassle-free charging and give people the confidence to switch to electric mobility faster. Additionally, Ether Neighborhood Charging will be able to power not only Ether scooters but also any electric vehicle including cars, three-wheelers and scooters. The company also revealed its intention to democratize charging and address range anxiety by rolling out over 2,500 fast charging grids over the next 12 months.

Accessories and merchandise

Additionally, Ather debuted The Frunk, a new front storage option that provides quick-access storage without reducing rider legroom. It boasts a large capacity of 14 liters, a separate waterproof compartment for smartphones, and a weight capacity of up to 5 kg. It is weather and abrasion resistant and made of 100% polyester ripstop fabric.

As early adopters have started making their own unique Aether t-shirts, helmets, and even cakes, Aether has become increasingly popular in addition to merch accessories. The garment features high-quality materials and unique print techniques, just like every other Ether product. Merchandise can be purchased online at

70 cities and 89 experience centers across the country will offer test drives and retail sales of the new Ather 450X and 450 Plus.

The business offered an industry-first buyback offer to its first 1,000 clients to pay tribute to early adopters of the Ether scooter. As a result, they can buy the new Ather 450X for Rs. 80,000 The first 1000 customers who opt for this repurchase upgrade will get a further reduction of Rs. 10,000, reducing the final cost to Rs.70,000

Ex-Showroom Prices:

450X (in ex-showroom INR) 450 plus (ex-showroom in INR)
Pune 149,039 126,029
Mumbai 152,634 129,624
Bangalore 158,462 135,452
Delhi 160,205 137195
Hyderabad 160102 137092
Chennai 160,205 137,195
Ahmedabad 160,312 137,302
Kochi 160,522 137,512
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