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The BMW M340i was launched at ₹69.20 lakh. – Dubai Car News

BMW M340i. The Bavarian killer sedan strikes fear into the heart of its competition. Who does not respect this beast? Who doesn’t know performance and handling prowess while offering high-end luxury? This perfect sedan finally makes its debut in India, so BMW fans really have something to celebrate. Let’s cut to the chase then.

BMW has finally launched the new BMW M340i xDrive in India. Locally manufactured at the Chennai plant, the car is available for booking through BMW dealerships and the shop.bmw.in website. Deliveries will begin in January 2023.

Introduced exclusively for the Indian market, the BMW M340i is the first high-performance BMW to feature an M engine made in India. BMW fans, your dream has come true! This sedan truly combines performance, attractive design, a rich list of features, and a unique driving experience to write home about. Besides, the M badge means something, and it shows BMW’s passion for motorsport.

The present speaks.

Says Mr. Vikram Pawa, President, BMW Group India – “BMW M340i xDrive is a sure winner as it takes the thrill of sheer driving pleasure to a different level thanks to the power of M. which is in his heart. This appealing formula caters to the desires of auto enthusiasts who want a premium sedan for everyday use that doubles as a performance machine when desired. It is among the best selling models of BMW Group India today. The new BMW M340i xDrive M offers an even bigger package full of performance, unbeatable dynamics, space, comfort, and an innovative digital experience. This refreshed avatar will further consolidate the M340i’s leading position and win over more fans of the brand and M enthusiasts. This vehicle is available at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 69,20,000

What’s new?

So, what is there to look out for? The exterior is as sporty as ever, and the interior is plush and feature-packed but comes with the M treatment. You get the lovely 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine that produces 374 hp and 500 Nm of torque, thanks to an M Sport exhaust unit. It sprints from 0-100 kmph in 4.4 seconds, making it the fastest BMW in the country. The eight-speed Steptronic Sport automatic transmission executes smooth, almost imperceptible shifts.

The BMW M340i was launched at ₹6920 lakh Dubai

You also get the option of BMW xDrive, the smart all-wheel drive system. BMW xDrive, the intelligent all-wheel drive technology monitors the driving situation and responds quickly to ensure maximum traction, agility and vehicle stability. The standard M Sport rear differential enhances traction and cornering by electronically controlling power distribution to each individual wheel, helping to avoid understeer and oversteer in situations involving multiple changes of direction and load. With kinematics for dynamic driving, the M Sport suspension can lower the ride height by up to 10 mm to offer a more engaging driving experience.

The variable sport steering is accurate and responsive even when only slight steering input is applied. The M Sport brakes provide excellent braking performance and an intuitive feel, whether negotiating city streets or driving around a circuit on a track day. The brake calipers are painted blue and display the M logo. The BMW Performance Control system increases the stability of the car by targeting the braking of the wheels. BMW ConnectedDrive technology turns the car into an interconnected digital device.

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