2023 Volkswagen Amarok Aventura press 11

The electric Volkswagen Amarok may prioritize payload over towing capacity. – Dubai Car News


  • The Amarok EV is expected in 2026.
  • May prefer payload over towing.
  • Range ideally upwards of 800 km

The latest model in Volkswagen and Ford’s commercial vehicle partnership is the new T6.2 Ranger-based Amarok, and it looks like the companies have Baked in electric capacity for their dual cabs..

Without elaborating, VW Aus said we’re likely to see an electric Amarok in the second half of the 2026 decade.

Ford America made sense to pursue greater towing capacity with its groundbreaking F-150 Lightning. 4.5-ton of goods. said Peter Silk, senior member of VW’s global product management team The wheels At the global launch of the Amarok, they agreed that it was the way forward for an electric Amarok.

But Australian requirements may be different, and with Oz being Amarok’s most important market, we’ll have a big say in the final product.

Amarok tailgate


We want to see the payload close to the current. [Amarok] Possibly And I think with the potential of the tow, I don’t really have a good sense of what it could be”, said Ryan Davies, director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Australia. The wheels.

Naturally, if competitive payload, range and towing capacity could be achieved in a reasonably priced package, that would be ideal – but commercial and small business operators in Australia regularly require more than the heavy towing capacity at Davis. A payload from V is required. ‘The eyes

And although the F-150 Lightning is still capable of towing 1,014kg in its tub, 4,500kg was its primary aim.

2023 Volkswagen Amarok Pan America 45


It seems VW Australia is happy to sacrifice 500-1000kg of absolute towing capacity if it means a payload commensurate with the current Amarok’s capacity. That would mean between 1100-1200 kg In the tub Without trouble. The latest Amarok is certified to tow a maximum of 3500kg.

“I think we’d like to see a maximum leg capacity of between 2.5-3 tonnes. I don’t know if you’re going to hit that three tonne number – our requests would be two and a half, three, and can we get it?” Well, that’s another story.

“It will be a compromise until we get batteries that can really go 800-1000 km from a charge, and then you can create a driving range of 400-500 km. [while towing]. It’s better”, Davis added.

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