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The FJ Long Term gets a myCOOLMAN 47L rumer fridge. – Dubai Car News

I My 13 year old Evakool fridge has a very solid run out, but sadly it won’t fit in the back of my FJ Cruiser.

You may have read before that I used the Esky on the run to Queensland and back, and after it leaked in my car I decided I would never travel without a fridge again. I started researching on the spot, taking measurements and seeing what would fit. So how did I decide on the myCOOLMAN 47L Roamer?

First, price was a factor, as I bought the fridge on sale for just $499 including the cover ($300 off retail). Secondly, it would fit in the space I had allocated for the fridge. I was a little concerned that the 47L would be too small, but according to the myCOOLMAN website it can carry 56 cans, so I think I’ll be fine.

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The lid is easy to remove and is reversible, meaning you can set it for whichever side you open in your car. The seals running around the inside of the lid are also really good quality, and I rate the built-in LED light as a handy feature.

Something else I like are the sturdy carry handles that also double as tie-down points. You have to install it yourself but it’s easy to use the allen key provided.

“For the money, I don’t think I could have done better.”

According to the digital display on my companion lithium battery pack I’ve been running the fridge in camp, it uses 40W of power when cycling. The fridge cycles every 15 minutes or so, and usually for five minutes.

From my quick calculations, this means the myCOOLMAN 47L fridge uses an average of 1.1amp per hour under optimal conditions. That’s an impressive result, but I imagine that number will increase as the weather warms. I also like that the fridge is compatible with 240V, so I can cool it at home before I leave.

4 X 4 Australia Gear 2022 My Coleman Roamer Fridge 3


One negative is that there is a lot of condensation that appears on the edge of the fridge, which then collects at the bottom. This is not a deal breaker, as there is a drain bung at the bottom of the fridge to let it out.

Overall, for the money, I don’t think I could have done better. I was really keen to do what every four-wheel driver is doing these days and go with a straight fridge, but for now the 47L does what I need just fine. There’s something to be said for keeping things simple.

I’ll be sure to see how it holds up after a few years of use. Hopefully I don’t need the three year warranty but it’s reassuring to know it’s covered.

Available from:
RRP: $799 (I paid $499 at Anaconda)

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