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Hyundai’s luxury spin-off has completed what no one expected to become a series, unveiling the third model in its ‘X’ concept range: the X Convertible.

The new drop-top show follows Kar T’s first debut.That original X coupe concept In March 2021, it was followed by the X Speedium four-door coupe concept unveiled earlier this year.

Genesis Spadium X Coupe 03


Above: The four-door X-Speed ​​concept

Jump ahead.

In its open form, the Genesis X Convertible Concept builds on the sleek and wide two-door design of the original X Concept.

At the front end, the concept takes more inspiration from the later Speedum four-door coupe, with a large LED lighting signature designed to allude to the Genesis brand’s shield-like ‘grille’ design.

Genesis X Convertible Concept 2


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Speaking on the styling liberties explored with these large electric grand tourer concepts, Genesis Design boss Luc Donker Volk said:

“Genius began life by producing sedans primarily targeting business customers. By creating a new, different design DNA, we gradually applied this DNA to the SUV typology to increase emotional appeal.

“Now, electric powertrains give us the perfect backdrop to enjoy nature, inspiring the brand to create vehicles with even greater emotional resonance.”

Genesis X Convertible Concept 5


The X Convertible also features a folding hardtop roof, giving it a true coupe look when raised, while ‘transparent moonroofs’ are offered over the front occupants.

Which of these three concepts do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

For now, Genesis hasn’t offered any word on whether it will put the X Concepts into production, but with Pollister’s O2 concept now confirmed for the market, we can only hope that Genesis Will make the right call.

2021 Genesis X Electric Coupe Concept 2 jpg


Above: The original X Concept, revealed in early 2021

The story here

August 23: The interior of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept is revealed at Pebble Beach.

internal to Genesis X Speed ​​​​Coupe Concept Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – Made its debut at the Monterey Car Week finale.

Genesis says the interior was developed by its design group over the past five months, following the unveiling of its exterior in April (See below).

It uses the cabin of the previously revealed two-door Genesis X concept as its base, but with a new color scheme and second-row seats.

“The X Speedium Coupe was conceived as an interior design exercise that we decided to reveal publicly later. It was nothing more than a rough model built on our athletic elegance design identity, ” said Genesis Chief Creative Officer, Luc Donkervolk.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept Interior Pebble Beach 03


“Given the positive reception we received at the event, we chose to finalize the concept and present it to discerning attendees at the Pebble Beach Concourse.”

According to the brand, the interior of the concept is inspired by classic Korean architecture, with minimal design elements and an asymmetrical, driver-oriented dashboard.

The front seats are finished in Pine Grove Green – similar to the exterior – while the dashboard, center console and rear seats are Monterey Gold, a nod to the Northern California region that hosts Monterey Car Week. .

Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept Interior Pebble Beach 02


In addition, Genesis has collaborated with South Korean sound designer Guk-il Yu – who also worked on the Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Series concept – whose speakers are “strategically positioned” in the cabin to “ The acoustic performance can be improved.”

The cockpit features a curved OLED instrument cluster screen with a unique motor output indicator, while the central display includes the start button, and multimedia and climate controls.

Two types of sustainable leather were used for the concept: plant-derived vegetable leather and ‘breathable grain leather’, which requires less water and chemicals to produce.

Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept Interior Pebble Beach 01


June 6: Slack concept for Goodwood debut

Genesis has confirmed. X-Speed ​​​​Coupe Concept It will make its ‘real world’ debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​next month.

The event will mark its first public event since its unveiling in April, following the reveal of the slightly more sporty X Concept earlier.

The X Speedium Coupe concept differs from its predecessor with a new grille-free front end, as well as a stretched wheelbase and squared-off roofline – possibly a larger four-door to sit alongside the next-generation G90 limo. Alludes to Cope’s plans.

At Goodwood, the X Speedium will be presented alongside an actual production model: the new Genesis Electrified GV70, recently driven in Australia. Check out our first drive at the link below.

April 22: Genesis trademarks Spadeum name

Following the global debut of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept, public official documents in Australia reveal that a trademark has been applied for the Speedium name.

This news does not necessarily represent confirmation that Spadium will enter production, as prior trademarking is often done to ensure that a great name is usurped by a competitor. Don’t go.

Still, the X Speedum show car is Genesis’ second foray into the concept, having already revealed the initial X Concept in April last year. Interestingly, the earlier concept looked even more production-ready than this latest iteration.

Realistically, if the X-Speed ​​enters production, it’s more likely to come as a large four-door coupe rather than a two-door model, and the latest concept’s extended roofline would be such a plan. May be a reference.

For an idea of ​​how treacherous the world of trademarking can be for global brands, check out our story below about Ford’s efforts to bring its US-market Edge to Australia, where Toyota already sells the Edge as a variant. Keeps as seed. (And all for naught, now, given that Andorra has left Australia.)

April 14: The Genesis x Speedium concept is revealed

key points

  • The concept previews Genesis’ future EV-led minimalist design language.
  • It is based on the Genesis X concept.
  • Genesis aims to have an all-EV lineup by 2030.

Genesis has unveiled its latest concept, the X-Speed ​​​​Coupe, which it says will continue the brand’s DNA (Audacious, Progressive, Distinctly Korean) while waiting for the next wave of EVs. has been added.

The Genesis X Speedium Coupe was born out of a “freestyle” design exercise based on the Genesis X concept, led by 2022 World Car Person of the Year – Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke.

Genius Speed ​​X Coupe 04


The Speedium name was inspired by the passion for motorsports felt by the Genesis designers at Inje Speedium Racetrack and embodies the belief that the emotional value of driving will remain strong in the electric future.

The Genesis went with a minimalist, or “less is more” concept, featuring restrained elegance, clean lines, and subtle curves.

If you’re hoping to see the X Speedium Coupe go into production, you’ll be disappointed.

Genesis Speed ​​X Coupe 02


“This car is an open door in Genesis’ journey towards our future EV design,” said Donkervolk.

“This isn’t a show car – it’s a look at our design process as we explore ideas for the next wave of EVs.”

The front of the car features a change of Genesis’ signature two-line lamps, which have been converted into a full-width element that surrounds a crest motif similar to the Genesis crest grille.

Genesis Spadium X Coupe 06


It was designed to carry the brand signature wing face in place of the actual grille by integrating the daytime running lamps together with the low beam and high beam. According to Genesis, the new EV face symbolizes Genesis’ shift towards becoming an all-electric car brand by 2030.

Viewed from above, it reveals an hourglass silhouette formed by curved wheel arches that give the X-Speed ​​coupe a muscular presence.

Viewed from the side, the parabolic line running from front to rear of the car maintains a classic, “anti-wedge” design, culminating in an unusual, but streamlined, shape.

Genesis Speed ​​X Coupe 03


The oval tail balances the look, while the V-shaped brake lights interrupt the circular shape by creating a striking contrast, which is the hallmark of the Genesis.

“We’re giving every design element room to breathe,” Donckerwolke said.

“This design is not about competing elements with each other, but about arranging elements so that they complement and respect each other.”

The metallic emerald green shade of the concept is called “Inje Green”.

Genesis Speed ​​X Coupe 05


Why did they choose this color? It surrounds the mountainous landscape in the east of the country where the Inge Speedium racetrack that inspired its name is located.

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