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The hydrogen fueled GR Yaris storms the Belgian rally stages. – Dubai Car News


“It’s great to hear the engine sound, but there’s no exhaust at all.”


  • Hydrogen was tested as an alternative to unleaded petrol.
  • Rally stars believe that there are more cartoons involved.
  • An (almost) zero emissions alternative?

Toyota One is taken The prototype GR Yaris is powered by liquid hydrogen fuel. to do World Rally Championship (WRC) as the official sweeps car to further test alternative fuels.

In the hands of rally royalty Juha Kankonen and Jiri-Matti Latvala.the mildly modified GR Yaris was recently tested. Belgium round of WRC.

The H2-powered Yaris has been around since December 2021, but it looks like boffins are learning what makes this fuel type tick.

2021 Kf 3 Gr Yaris H 2 Hero High 005 2


In a new video shared by the automaker, Kanakkin says: “The first impression is this. It’s more powerful than the standard road car, especially the torque.. The top power may not be as high as a normal car, but the torque is really good.

Gazoo Racing team principal Lattavala, meanwhile, summed up why fans can enjoy hydrogen fuel: “It’s great to hear the engine sound, but there are no emissions at the same time.”

Toyota isn’t claiming that hydrogen is the silver bullet for eliminating emissions from motor vehicles, but it continues to test hydrogen-powered technology. Corolla Hybrid Endurance racer and 335kW/540Nm 2UR-GSE A hydrogen-powered V8 Developed in association with Yamaha.



While hydrogen is unlikely to displace petrol. BEV As the energy of choice, This could be the solution for sound-loving driving enthusiasts. Providing an even cleaner burn than proposed Synthetic fuel. The same can be said for racing series such as the WRC.

How does hydrogen fuel the GR Yaris?

You may be more familiar with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) such as Toyota’s own Mirai sedan either or Hyundai Nexo. Both vehicles are being tested as BEV alternatives in Australia, although the current technology appears to be better suited for heavy goods vehicles.

Apart from the 12V battery The hydrogen-fueled GR Yaris has no power. – which retains its gruff three-cylinder burble from the G16E-GTS.



Toyota has modified the injectors and fuel delivery system, but the internals of the engine remains untouched.

Toyota says liquid Hydrogen burns faster than gasoline for a better reaction.. However, because it burns faster than petrol, the driving range of the hydrogen-powered GR Yaris won’t match that of the petrol engine – at least for now.

Hydrogen must also be produced and transported to its final destination through energy-intensive electrolysis. Unless zero-emissions technology is used, hydrogen is still emitted from the wheel to the well as a flammable fuel.

2021 Kf 3 Gr Yaris H 2 Hero High 004 2


Although hydrogen combustion in the GR Yaris’s cylinders does not emit carbon in theory, it is true that a small amount of engine oil and lubricants will inevitably be drawn into combustion.

Most of these particulate emissions will be cleaned by a car’s catalytic converter, but unlike a BEV FCEVa hydrogen-fueled car will still produce some local emissions.

Storage also results in the use of hydrogen as a flammable fuel. Typically, it is stored in tanks that are pressurized between 5000-10,000psi.

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