The LDV eT60 is Australia’s first electric ute. – Dubai Car News


  • eT60: Australia’s first electric ute
  • LDV is also bringing eDeliver 9 large electric vans.
  • Completing the trio will be the Mifa 9 electric people mover.

gave 2023 LDV eT60 It will be from November. The first electric ute sold in Australia.

Chinese brand LDV confirmed that the initial eT60 will be a dual-cab 4×2 variant, with pricing and more details to be revealed closer to its release.

The LDV eT60 4×2 Dual Cab features an 88.5kWh lithium-ion battery, giving the electric ute a WLTP-rated driving range of 330km.

LD Ve Deliver 9 LWB Mid Roof Front 3 4


It is powered by a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle. 130kW and 310Nm – 160kW/500Nm twin-turbo diesel down 30kW and 190Nm compared to the T60.

LDV says the eT60’s battery can be charged. 20 to 80 percent in 45 minutes using a DC fast chargeror charged from 5-100 percent in about nine hours using an 11kW wall box charger.

The eT60 can be expected to be significantly more expensive than the turbo diesel T60 dual cab utes currently offered in Australia, priced between $36,832 and $41,568.

LDV is already offering the eT60 in New Zealand, priced from NZ$79,990 drive-away (AU$70,200) – qualifying it for a NZ$8625 rebate, and just $10 shy of the New Zealand government’s NZ$80,000 cut-off. .

LDV T 60 Max Luxe C Brunelli 220810 Ute Mega Test 13


Above: LDV T60 diesel

LDV eT60 has. 1500 kg brake towing capacity – half of the diesel T60 – while its 750 kg payload On a par with the flagship Lux, but below the 935kg limit for the entry-level Pro.

However, information provided by LDV New Zealand shows that the driving limit will be reduced by up to 50 per cent at “overweight”.

LDV has announced two additional electric vehicles for Australia – the Mifa 9 people-mover and the eDeliver 9 large van.

LDV Australia general manager Dinesh Chinnappa says he wants to be part of the “most significant revolution in decades” in the global car market.

LDVMIFA 9 External


“Every major OEM is committed to developing electric vehicles, but what is less talked about is the growing influence of China’s EV market on the rest of the world,” said Dinesh.

“And now we’re capitalizing on that impact with the arrival of the eT60, eDeliver 9 and Mifa 9 in Australia.

“In the first half of 2022, 2.4 million EVs were delivered to consumers in China, double the total annual new car market in Australia. EVs now account for 26 percent of all car sales in China, and global e accounts for 57 percent of V’s sales.China is moving ahead in electrifying its transportation industry and is bringing the rest of the world, including Australia, along with it.

“So LDV is well-placed to capitalize on this new model EV rollout, and we’re pleased to share some top-line, pre-launch, information with you.”

LDV Deliver 9


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