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The new Kona looks like a baby Tucson. – Dubai Car News

Hyundai Motor Company has revealed the 2023 Hyundai Kona range in international markets. We can’t help but feel that it looks like a baby Tucson. Here are all the details.


Hyundai has updated the Kona range. The range includes four different powertrains – ICE, Hybrid, Electric, and N-Line. All four variants share the same architecture but have some unique styling elements. However, the design of all variants takes inspiration from the Kona EV. Now, we also think the designers may have borrowed a few pages from the new Tucson’s design book and maybe a page from the Creta. But hey! We are not complaining.

The new Kona looks like a baby Tucson Dubai
Corner side view

The Konas’ silhouette, at least from the side, is similar to the new Tucson. It has the same sloping roofline and angular crease lines we saw on the new Tucson. Head to the back and you’ll see that the Continous tail strip may be similar to the current Creta. The front has a futuristic design and since the Kona EV was the inspiration for the entire range, the visibility of the air intake grille is minimal. The front is equipped with LED headlamps with a new futuristic design along with an LED strip running across the hood. Also, there is no parametric grille that we see on newer Hyundais.

1671683296 90 The new Kona looks like a baby Tucson Dubai


Well, we wouldn’t be wrong to call the new Kona a baby Tucson because it’s not that big. Although, it has increased in size compared to the outgoing model. It is now 4355mm long, 1825mm wide, 1570mm tall, and the wheelbase now stands at 2660mm. The wheelbase is only 90mm shorter than the Tucson’s wheelbase. However, this means that the new corner is now bigger and has more space than before. That’s good news because the outgoing Kona felt quite tight in the rear.

1671683298 24 The new Kona looks like a baby Tucson Dubai

Will it come to India?

Hyundai is already selling the Kona Electric in India which was actually the first EV to enter Indian shores. However, the model is dated and needs an update to compete with the likes of MG ZS EV and BYD Atto 3. We can safely say that at least the Kona EV will make it to India. ICE, hybrid and online models may or may not come to India soon. However, we see no reason for Hyundai not to bring them. Now with the arrival of hybrid cars in the Indian market, Hyundai might think of bringing one of its own. Also, the i20 N-Line and Venue N-Line have already tasted success. Kona Online will only excite us more.

1671683298 326 The new Kona looks like a baby Tucson Dubai

We will have to wait and see if Hyundai makes any announcements at the 2023 Auto Expo.

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