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Update: The electric Lexus supercar may be called the LFR.

After teasing an electric LFA successor at the reveal of the RZ electric SUV, we’re getting closer to seeing the next Lexus supercar take shape.

The new hint is that it could be called the LFR, if Lexus’ recent trademark application at the European Union Intellectual Property Office is to be believed.

American Automotive Outlet Carscoops picked up the trademark, noting that the application is still being processed. It’s not definitive, but LFR’s proximity to the LFA badge suggests it could be the name of the next Lexus supercar.

One thing’s for sure though, the LFR won’t be using a screaming V10 engine. Instead, it is likely that the electric supercar will have all-wheel drive, be able to hit 100 km/h in around two seconds and boast a driving range of around 700 km.

Lexus LFA EV Successor 3


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February: Electric LFA successor confirmed

Lexus continues to drop teasers of the LFA successor, confirming that the electric vehicle will be the spiritual descendant of its iconic supercar.

In a video posted on its Twitter page, Lexus showed off the V10 LFA alongside the unnamed electric sports car, allowing us to see how design cues from the previous model have been rubbed off on its replacement. .

With a potential 0-100km/h sprint time of under two seconds and an all-electric driving range of up to 700km, the electric model is likely to carry on the LFA’s legacy, with slightly less noise than the 4.8-litre V10. Used to make at 9000rpm.

January 7: Lexus teases all-electric lineup


  • All Lexus models will be electric by 2035.
  • A range of SUVs and sports cars have been launched.
  • LFA successor confirmed, all electric!
Lexus LFA EV Successor 2


The British arm of Lexus has provided more teasers for its concept sports car, showing the two-seater in more detail than ever before.

First revealed last month (below) as part of the announcement of Lexus and Toyota’s battery electric vehicle model range, the EV successor to the LFA supercar will look to capture the magic of its predecessor – the luxury To be a flagship model within the brand’s range.

Apparently blending the LFA’s physical attributes with Toyota’s fifth-generation Supra, there’s no timeline yet on when the unnamed sports car will make its public debut, but we expect a production version concept. will be exactly the same.

Lexus LFA EV Successor 1


Lexus launches electrified lineup.

2021 Lexus BEV Announcing Vehicles 1


15 December 2021: Lexus has joined Toyota in a major announcement confirming 11 new electric concept cars, which will go all-electric in Europe by 2030, with other markets to follow.

Unveiled in an announcement by Toyota Motor Corporation CEO, Akio Toyoda, Lexus models include a new “Sports Battery EV” inspired by the brand’s previous petrol V10-powered LFA supercar.

In concept form, the new sports car has a two-second 0-100 km/h time on the spec sheet and a driving range of over 700 km while cruising. This is likely helped by Toyota’s advances in solid-state batteries that could feature in the model, smaller batteries that are lighter than traditional lithium-ion cells with similar energy density.

2021 Lexus BEV Announced Vehicles 4


Inspired by the brand’s iconic LFA, Toyoda said that “the driving flavor – or secret sauce – of performance. [in the new concept] Cultivated by LFA.”

“With both the proportions required for a sports car and a low ride height, it will showcase Lexus’ unique driving performance.

“We will extend this enhanced driving experience to other models as we develop Lexus into a brand focused on battery EVs. We can have batteries and electric motors to bring more freedom. This allows us to offer our customers, There will be an opportunity to be more attuned to different regions and different lifestyles.

2021 Lexus BEV Announcing Vehicles 3


Also shown was the production-ready version of the Lexus RZ, which is due to launch next year and is based on Toyota’s e-TNGA platform, which sits below the Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra. It’s the same size and looks like the current NX crossover, but fully electric.

Other concepts suggest, that we can expect to affect production in the future, are new electric models, including; A full-size SUV like the RX and an IS-type sedan with sporty aesthetics that suggest it will offer a performance-focused version.

2021 Lexus BEV Announcing Vehicles 2


Other images revealed by the Japanese luxury automaker include a sleek shooting brake-style wagon, a hatchback, a convertible supercar (based on the LFA-inspired sports car), and six other models yet to be revealed. .

Lexus says it will aim to sell 1 million electric cars globally by the end of the decade, before completely phasing out combustion engine sales in other markets in Europe as well as China and the US. But it will be electric.

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