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The next-generation Toyota C-HR isn’t coming to the US. – Dubai Car News

With the C-HR Prologue concept, Toyota previewed the next generation of the C-HR funky small crossover. When the first official details were released earlier this week, the automaker vaguely stated that the vehicle would soon be “rolling the streets of Europe” — and it meant it literally. According to a new report, the next-generation C-HR will not be sold in the US and Canada.

After seeing this announcement in the C-HR Prologue press release, Motor Trend May was wondering if the new C-HR would be launched in North America and contacted Toyota to find out more. Unfortunately, the publication received a confirmation that the C-HR will be discontinued in the US and Canada after the 2022 model year with no direct replacement planned.

“Effective after the 2022 model year, Toyota will discontinue sales of the C-HR in the U.S. and Canada,” Toyota said in an emailed statement. We are constantly reviewing our product line-up and are committed to the compact SUV segment. With the recent introduction of the Corolla Cross and Corolla Cross Hybrid, two premium products that offer the perfect combination of utility and performance, and the best-selling RAV4, we’re providing more options for compact SUV buyers.”

As it turns out, Toyota will position the Corolla Cross as an indirect replacement for the aging C-HR in the North American market. This new crossover has a hybrid version with standard all-wheel drive. Power comes from a hybridized four-cylinder engine with 194 horsepower (143 kW), an increase of 25 hp (18 kW) over the standard non-hybrid model. It is available in LE, XLE, S, SE, and XSE trim levels with Sport options available on S, SE, and XSE models.

As for the C-HR, the model that will be discontinued after the 2022 model year, the only 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine in the range is the one with no hybridization. Its successor for the European market, however, will be sold with a new plug-in hybrid system with batteries manufactured in the old continent.


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