Nissan Z Nismo GT4 ENHANCE

The Nissan Z Nismo GT4 racing car will be unveiled tomorrow. – Dubai Car News


Update: Nismo will reveal the GT4-spec Nissan Z from the factory tomorrow

Nismo’s new Z is being unveiled tomorrow, but it’s not the road-going model you’ve been waiting for.

Instead, the curtains will fall on what is widely expected to be factory-made. Nissan Z The racing car is destined for the world. GT4 competition.

Nissan’s global headquarters in Japan posted a shadowy teaser image on Twitter, with a link to a virtual premiere. 9:00 am Australian Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday 28 September.

By making great use of the ‘enhance’ function The wheels Very own CSI (A special investigation of the car…) division, the de-shadowed teaser clearly shows the race-ready Z, emblazoned with ‘GT4’ on its side.

Nissan Z Nismo GT 4 ENHANCE

The presence of a fixed-back bucket seat with restraint wings wrapped around the head, as well as what appears to be a ‘dry brake’ fuel coupling, indicate that this is not a road-going Z, but intended for the circuit. Is.

The front bumper features a jutting splitter and dive planes, followed by a vented bonnet and a fixed single-plane wing at the rear.

The car wears a retro-throwback livery over the Nismo checkered flag motif, similar to that seen on Nismo’s upgraded S- and R-Tun Zs and 2000’s line of Skylines.

Nismo S Tune


The GT4-spec Nissan Z is a logical progression from the current Nissan Z racing cars that already compete in Japan’s Super Taikyu season.

Super Taikyu is Japan’s Pro-Am GT racing series.

the largest of its kind in Asia, with nine racing classes of commercially available road-going vehicles, from FIA GT3 to sub-1.5-liters.

In ST-Q class (and The top-flight GT500 class), providing a testbed for testing non-homogeneous racing cars from manufacturers such as Kettering, Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru. Hydrogen Ice Power Plants as well as bio and synthetic fuels.

The ST-Q-spec Z is very similar to the GT4-spec car, with the main visual difference seen in the aero.

2022 Military 24 Hour Race 024 Source


Just like the previous 370Z, whose road-going Nismo model was aided by the learnings and developments gained from the car’s participation in SuperGT, the Nissan Z’s multifaceted motorsports program is expected to result. On-road Nissan Z Nismowith recent reports from Japan indicating a possible 2023 reveal.

Read more below and stay tuned for the latest Nissan Z news.

September 27: 2023 Nismo Z? Japanese reports suggest that the Nissan Z is hotter.

Designs filed with the Japanese patent office suggest a more rugged version of the new one. Nissan Z Work in progress – and could appear as soon as 2023.

Japanese Automotive Outlet The best car reports that a hotter version of Nissan’s new Z is in the pipeline, citing recent patent filings and modified mule markings.

Wheels News Nissan Z Custom Proto Patent


In its home market of Japan, the highly anticipated Nissan Z has been a huge success, with delivery times reportedly exceeding two years and forcing Nissan Japan to freeze orders at the end of July.

Patent images have been shared. The best car Shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 is a cut-up Z that looks almost identical to the revised Nissan Z ‘customized proto’ concept car.

Wheels News ZCP 19


US test mules spotted in California and Arizona last month were also spotted wearing the same split front bumper layout, with a cooled front lip and featuring ‘Nismo’ branded seats.

Is it going to be a chopped up variant? Nismo Z variantor something else, remains unclear.

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Nissan, many expect some form of the Nismo-tuned Z to join the range in the future alongside the previous generation. 370ZThe Nismo variant of the is appearing just a year after its launch. The new Z already competes in Japan’s Super Taikyu series, and is being built for GT4-spec racing – so there’s already motorsport engineering and development that could go into the road car.

Wheels News ZCP 13


If this upcoming Z variant isn’t a Nismo-branded product, what else could it be? Previous Z generations have a strong preference for anniversary models, 2023 marks 90 years since Nihon Sangyo first appeared on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1933 as ‘Nissan’.

The modified Nissan Z display vehicle introduced at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon was designed as a tribute to the original Datsun 240Z Z432R factory-built racing car.

Between 30 and 50 of these factory lightweight racers were produced in 1970, with no radio or air-con, acrylic glass, FRP panels and 0.2mm thinner body panels for ultimate weight savings.

The ‘432’ features Datsun’s famous S20 inline-six engine with four valves per cylinder, three Marconi carburetors and dual overhead cam configuration. The S20 engine was famously lifted from the original Skyline GT-R – the ‘Hakosuka’ PGC10 – which in turn derived its powerplant from Prince’s Grand Prix-winning R380 race car.

1970 Nissan 240Z Z432R sells for $1.17 million.


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