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The Porsche 357 Concept celebrates the iconic sports car’s 75th anniversary – Dubai Car News

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  • The Concept 357 celebrates 75 years of Porsche sports cars.
  • Inspired by the iconic 356
  • Based on the 718 Cayman with the GT4 RS powertrain

gave Porsche 357 The concept has debuted at the Volkswagen Group’s Drive Forum in Berlin.

It has been designed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 356, which launched the Stuttgart marque’s sports car production in 1948.

The example shown here is purely a concept car, which Porsche says is a “reproduction” of the iconic 356.Monolithic form in the present tense

The low-slung, wide-bodied sports car has one underneath. 718 Cayman GT4 RSIncluding the car’s 368kW 4.0-litre flat-six powerplant and seven-speed PDK transmission.

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Click on this image to view the entire gallery.

Unlike electric 718 GT4 E Performance Testbed, the 357 isn’t a glimpse into the brand’s electric future, either Next 911.

There are plenty of interesting details, like the camera mirror and signature LED lighting that shine through the perforated bodywork without ditching the brand’s DNA.

A host of Porsche 356 details remain in the 357, including the glasshouse shape, side profile and alloy wheels that recall the larger original 356. 205 mm bolt circle, and an extensive body treatment made from natural fiber-reinforced plastic. This material is similar to carbon fiber, but with durable flex fibers instead of carbon.

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The glass in the 357 also nods to the 356 in its innovation – a reference to the split glass formed in a single piece – while its black pillar gives a smooth transition that Porsche says resembles a helmet visor. .

Functional aerodynamic experiments include hidden door handles that sit behind the pattern in the doors, and LED lights that shine through perforations in the rear bodywork.

“Let’s just say that without the 75th anniversary this year, most likely, the car you see there [the 357] would have been a part of The unseen book 2.0,” said Michael Mauer, Porsche’s chief designer The wheels.

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Return of Rendienst?

Another interesting choice was including Porsche. ID.Buzz– Based on Randinist concept van as the tow car for the 356, although Mauer scrapped any future production plans for a Porsche van.

“[Renndienst] Not starting with a job to think about potentially expanding my portfolio, it was really an exercise to try and see how far the DNA thing could be stretched.

“The technical possibilities are there to bring it about. [van] On the road”, Mauer said, though he added that this is not a production study, but “part of an effort to explore all the corners of Porsche’s possibilities.”

Porsche Randinist Concept Red 2


With Porsche’s 75th anniversary in 2023 (which coincidentally coincides with 100 years of the Le Mans 24 Hours race), we’re sure to see more Porsche concepts, tributes and events this year.

Mauer himself said:

“We’re celebrating 75 years. It’s a birthday present, stay tuned for what you’ll see throughout the year.”

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