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The Ranger beats the HiLux on the 4×4 charts. – Dubai Car News


  • Ranger overtakes HiLux in November, but later leads YTD.
  • Everest overtakes Prado.
  • LDV and GWM drop from the top 10.

Despite fewer registrations in November than in October, the all-new Ford Ranger remains Australia’s best-selling 4×4 vehicle.

Ford sold a total of 4,479 Ranger 4×4 vehicles in November, a total of 668 less than the number of vehicles registered the previous month. It continued to dominate the 4×4 charts, though, beating its perennial rival, the Toyota Hilux, which registered 4159 4×4 sales.

However, as has been the case for all of 2022, the HiLux maintains a healthy sales lead on the overall 4×4 charts with a total of 44,217 sales. With a lead of 5202 sales and only a month to go in 2022, it’s safe to say that the HiLux will be the best-selling 4×4 for the year.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 2022 Toyota Hilux Rogue 81


The two vehicles that continued to move north on the chart were the Land Cruiser 300 Series and the Ford Everest, with monthly sales of 1,477 and 1,312, respectively. That put both vehicles above the aging Prado, a vehicle that has consistently been Australia’s best-selling 4×4 SUV.

Toyota sold a total of 1,045 Prado units, which is 416 fewer than in October 2022. As a result, the Prado dropped from fourth to eighth place on the 4×4 chart.

This is representative of the ongoing boom in SUV sales. In November, for example, the SUV market grew by 31.9 percent (or 12,662 vehicle sales) compared to the same month in 2021. In comparison, the LCV market grew by 6.1 percent (or 1227 vehicles sold).

4 X 4 Australia Reviews 2022 Ford Everest Platinum Vs Toyota Prado Kakadu 102


After clinging to places in the top 10, the budget purchases – LDV’s T60 and GWM’s Ute – fell off the 4×4 sales chart in November, replaced by the BT-50 and 79 Series LandCruiser.

Still, sales were steady and in line with previous months: they were 773 for LDV and 687 for Great Wall. Only 296 Musso 4×4 variants were sold for the month.

Despite the launch of an all-new Ranger-based model in early 2023, a total of 541 new Volkswagen Amaroks were registered in November.

November 2022: Top 10 new 4×4 sales

1 Ford Ranger 4479
2 Toyota Hilux 4159
3 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 1477
4 Isuzu D-MAX 1422
5 Ford Everest 1312
6 Mitsubishi Triton 1256
7 Isuzu MU-X 1218
8 Toyota Prado 1045
9 Mazda BT-50 961
10 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 819

Top 10 New 4X4 Sales: YTD

1 Toyota Hilux 44,217
2 Ford Ranger 39,015
3 Mitsubishi Triton 23,039
4 Toyota Prado 20,132
5 Isuzu D-MAX 18,744
6 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 11,608
7 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 10,452
8 Isuzu MU-X 10,043
9 Mazda BT-50 9472
10 Ford Everest 9388

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