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The RE Super Meteor 650 will be revealed at EICMA. – Dubai Car News

After years of spy photos, Royal Enfield has finally announced the preview of the Super Meteor 650 cruiser. It will be unveiled at EICMA 2022 in Italy on November 8 and is expected to debut at Rider Mania 2022 in India on November 18-20.

The teaser highlights the dark gray rear of the Super Meteor 650, which goes well with the bike’s striking appearance. The teaser revealed a trapper navigation pod, a semi-digital dashboard borrowed from the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, a split seat configuration, a wide and curved rear fender, and a circular LED taillight. It will be the third motorcycle to be built on the 650cc Enfield platform, and is expected to produce similar power and torque numbers from its 648cc, air/oil-cooled, parallel-twin engine.

CEAT Zoom Cruze tires, also used on the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, were spotted on the test mule. It is not clear whether the bike has 19-inch alloy wheels or 18-inch alloy wheels at the front, but it could be the former as the tire manufacturer specifically introduced 19-inch wheels for the Super Meteor and later the Shotgun 650. manufactures tires.

The Super Meteor 650 has the same thick handlebar grips and levers as the Meteor 350 and Classic 350, as can be seen on closer inspection. The rotary switchgear of the 350cc brothers is also included. However, this bike is finished in silver compared to smaller bikes.

Although the Super Meteor 650 shares a platform with the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650, it has some distinctive features that suit its intended use. It has a large wheelbase, a low profile, and offers comfortable ergonomics with distinctly traditional cruiser flair. Alloy wheels suspended by USD forks and dual springs make up the bicycle components, while a single disc is used for braking at both ends.

All the accessories of the bike are primarily designed to enhance its touring comfort. A large, cushioned plain backrest, chrome-finished crash guards, and a tall windscreen are prominent features. The mirrors also don’t appear to be stock and could be from RE’s line of touring accessories.

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