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‘The Surgeon’ Unveils Limited Edition Bentley Shoes – Dubai Car News

  • Bentley and renowned shoemaker, ‘The Surgeon’, collaborate on a multi-faceted project – bespoke adidas Forum Low sneakers
  • A limited run of 10 pairs of bespoke sneakers, all currently reserved by Mulliner clients and collectors.
  • The three pillars of the Bentley product range are reflected in the unique sneaker and matching car livery.
  • Dedicated to bespoke craft and design through the lens of high fashion
  • The 1-of-1 Bentley x The Surgeon vehicle will be unveiled at Art Basel Miami alongside a pair of 1-of-1 Bentley x The Surgeon adidas Forum Low sneakers.

(Middle East, December 8, 2022) Bentley Motors announces its collaboration with a leading force in the custom shoe industry, Dominique Cambrone, known as ‘The surgeon,’ to create a limited edition line of Bentley-inspired shoes, reserved for Mulliner clients and collectors. This collaboration brings together two design icons to create extraordinary and unique fashion pieces, each known for their combination of craftsmanship and unmatched style. Bentley will unveil a 1-of-1 Bentley x The Surgeon vehicle next month during Design Week at Art Basel Miami to highlight the collaboration. Along with the car, a buyer will receive a matching pair of 1 of 1 shoes – the ‘Bentley x The Surgeon adidas Forum Low’. Interested parties should inquire with their local US dealers for purchasing information.

A self-taught creative and maker, Dominique’s craft skills and design sensibilities focus on his ability to combine high fashion with street culture. By combining these two worlds, it has successfully launched a unique footwear category. Similar to Bentley’s ability to merge sustainability and innovation, Dominic famously reimagines and fuses footwear with the most premium materials, creating his own unique style.

The Bentley x ‘The Surgeon’ collaboration began in early 2022 when Dominic immersed himself in the luxury British brand and explored the variety of materials, finishes and bespoke elements used during the creation of each Bentley. Visited the Bentley campus. He tapped into the brand’s coachbuilding division, Bentley Mulliner, to bring additional creative details and custom elements to his design, with a striking twist.

Each pair of limited-edition, handcrafted sneakers boasts unique features, including Bentley’s signature diamond quilting, cross-stitching found on the steering wheel, and premium looks that complement Bentley’s unrivaled interior design. Used for trimming. These elegant elements combine with The Surgeon’s signature aesthetic and skull and skull monogram.

Dominic and the Bentley Mulliner team worked to create a pair of shoes to embody the variety in the Bentley model range. Drawing on the characteristics of three families of cars, the identifying shoes showcase unique colors for their core values:

  • Performance focus, shows Bentley’s S and speed limits. Represented in a titan gray and deep red cricket ball color palette, the shoe mimics the performance-ready athletic stance of the Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible. The car is the pinnacle of open-air grand touring performance and defines the most dynamic road-going Bentley convertible ever, with no compromises on comfort or luxury.
  • A wellness focusAccording to Bentley’s new Azure range of models. The Portofino Blue Bentayga Extended Wheelbase defines the Azure range, offering Bentley customers a select selection of features designed to enhance the well-being and comfort of the vehicle’s occupants, making every journey a comfortable one regardless of the distance. Makes a delicious experience. Complementing the muted color exterior, the shoe is highlighted with saddle colored detailing on the inside.
  • A peak design To match the upcoming bespoke Mulliner collaboration car – a Stealth Beluga (black) and Anthracite (dark gray metallic) exterior with a complementary Linen and Beluga interior – more information will follow in December.

Christophe Georges, President and CEO, Bentley America, comments:

“Creativity and distinctive design are permanently woven into our DNA and have been since 1919, especially with our private coach building Mulliner division. Connecting and developing with a like-minded creator like The Surgeon is not only rewarding. It’s also exciting to watch as we support the next generation of diverse artisans who share the same brand values.

Dominique Cambrone’s comments:

“Growing up, I was building, painting and sewing – and not just shoes – it was anything I could get my hands on. This was for the Surge brand and in collaboration with Bentley. , it’s a very special time to showcase your creativity in a new light. The Bentley brand is at the top of its craft and represents luxury and craftsmanship at the highest level, as do we—partnering with them and It is exciting to bring these visions to life.

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