toyota camry xv70 woodworking art

The Toyota Camry wood carving is automotive art for the masses. – Dubai Car News

Wooden automotive replicas are not new to us here. Motor 1. However, most of the vehicles turned into wooden scale models of the supercars, sports cars, and even historical icons we’ve seen so far.

This time, though, around YouTube Woodworking art Chose the Toyota Camry as the muse for his latest project. As you know, the Camry has been the best-selling sedan in America for two decades, making this woodwork practically an automotive art for the masses.

But that didn’t mean it was any easier than other works we’ve seen on this channel. Since this eighth-generation model (coded XV70 internally) is the sportiest-looking Camry to date, you can imagine the chiseled lines and curves applied to the scale model.

As seen in the video at the top of this page, the process was tedious. The front and back layers came with many details, such as meshed grills and other non-straight lines – all of which the artist was able to capture in his work. We definitely like the moving parts included, such as the doors, hood, trunk, side mirrors, and wheels. Even the interior got some detailed renderings, as well as working front and rear suspension and steering mechanisms.

It took the artist 35 consecutive days to complete the project. Using a wood called fucini, he used a variety of techniques to complete the work, including hand carving, machine cutters, and other woodworking tools.

If you are interested in this woodwork, know that the artist is selling his handiwork. We suspect you can do something specific with it, though we don’t have any information on pricing. You can contact the artist by sending an email.


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