Ferrari Racing Days

The UAE will host Ferrari’s biggest event of the year, Ferrari Racing Days – Dubai Car News

Ferrari is set to bring back Ferrari Racing Days as its first event of the year in Abu Dhabi from February 2-5. The annual celebration of all the Prancing Horse brand’s client racing activities includes Ferrari’s exciting high-class and world-renowned racing events such as Ferrari Challenge, F1 Clienti, XX Program, Club Competizioni GT, Club Challenge and Passione Ferrari.

Ferrari Racing Days

The Ferrari Challenge, the Prancing Horse brand’s one-make championship that began in 1993 and features Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo cars, will have its final two rounds for the 2022 season at Ferrari Racing Days.

The F1 Cliente and XX Programmes, two highly exclusive events, bring Ferrari F1 World Championship cars used between the 1920s and 1970s back to the track, and include an F300, an F2001, two F2007s, an F60, an F138, and include An SF70H

The XX program includes hypercars produced by Ferrari, where clients get to drive the latest cars such as the FXX and 599XX along with the FXX-K Evo.

The Club Competizioni GT, a private, non-competitive event, will bring the leading GT racing cars from the past 30 years. There will be five models, including the 488 GT3 and 488 GT Modificata, unveiled in 2020.

In Abu Dhabi, the event is set to begin on Thursday, February 2 with two Ferrari Challenge test sessions. On Friday 3 February, there will be free practice sessions with private practice sessions for F1 Clientele, XX Programme, Club Competition GT and Club Challenge.

The morning of Saturday 4 February will see the first qualifying round of the Ferrari Challenge, which will determine the starting grid for the first race during the afternoon, with private practice sessions for other activities. The program will be repeated on Sunday, February 5 with the second qualifying session of the Ferrari Challenge and the race with Passione Ferrari.

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