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These are the safest cars in India. – Dubai Car News

If you say that Tata Nexon and Mahindra XUV 300 are the safest cars in the country, no one will blame you. They were the safest until recently tested by the Global NCAP for the Skoda Octavia and the Volkswagen Tiguan. Before we tell you how they perform, let’s take a look at the new benchmarks they’ve been tested on.

New G-NCAP standards

From July 2022, the Global New Car Assessment Program has introduced some new parameters for vehicle safety ratings. These strict parameters make it even more difficult for vehicles to score 5-stars. The new parameters are as follows:

  • A 64 km/h offset deformable barrier frontal impact (this is done from the previous parameters but the evaluation matrix is ​​modified)
  • 50 km/h MDB side impact (before 2015 Euro NCAP)
  • Front and rear seat belt reminders
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC): UN GTR8 Robotized Sine Dwell Test
  • Protection of pedestrians: Regulation 127 or GTR9
  • Side pole test (lateral, 29 km/h) for cars with side head protection devices (eg curtain airbags)

Skoda Kushaq and Volkswagen Taigun crash ratings

Needless to say, both Kshaq and Taigan scored 5-stars in their tests. So, what makes them the safest cars in India? Well, the Kushak and Taigun are the only cars tested by G-NCAP to get a 5-star rating for child protection. They are also the first cars sold in India to be tested on the new G-NCAP norms and have achieved a 5-star rating. The Nexon and the XUV300 have a 5-star rating for adult protection, but they get 4 stars for child protection. This makes the Kaushik and Taigan the safest family cars currently on sale in India.

Official statements

Commenting on this success, Piyush Arora, Managing Director and CEO, SKODA AUTO Volkswagen India He said, “Volkswagen Group has always focused on providing the highest level of safety in its model range. Safety has always been central to our R&D process. Made in India, Made for India MQB-A0-IN The platform is no exception. It has been internally tested for various impacts and developed with a key focus on safety. This is an important milestone for us and a happy achievement, because Both our INDIA 2.0 SUV models have achieved the highest global safety standards.Since the launch of SKODA KUSHAQ and Volkswagen TAIGUN, both cars have established a strong market presence and contributed to the success of the brand and group in India. I believe this recognition will help our brands continue to grow.

Christian Kahn von Selen, Executive Director Sales & Marketing, SKODA AUTO Volkswagen India He said, “For the Volkswagen Group, the safety of our customers and their loved ones is paramount. Safety in our cars is not an optional extra, it is a core part of our DNA. The design used in the cabin, the length Dimensions and materials may vary among our car models, but one constant is our rigorous effort to keep drivers and passengers safe in our cars. I am proud and humbled that our efforts have been recognized by a prestigious organization like Global NCAP. Awarded the highest safety ratings for the SKODA KUSHAQ and the Volkswagen TAIGUN, the highest level of child protection in particular has ever been achieved.

take away

We couldn’t be happier to see how these cars have fared in safety tests. For the VW Group, this is a huge achievement, and congratulations to them for setting a new safety standard. For the competition, this is a great opportunity to improve on what they are already offering. For consumers, well, I guess we benefit the most from this healthy competition because we have multiple products and manufacturers to choose from. The only dilemma is which one to choose.

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