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Three-quarters of the NSW mobile speed camera fleet have been grounded after signs were rehabilitated. – Dubai Car News

Update: From January 1, 2023 vehicles with mobile speed cameras in NSW must have pre and post warning signs, leaving just over a quarter of the fleet in operation.

Operated by a number of contracting firms engaged by NSW Police, the current mobile speed camera fleet consists of a total of 143 vehicles including T32 Nissan X-Trails and MG HS medium SUVs, as well as Toyota Kluger and Hyundai Santa Fe large SUVs. .

Both the Santa Fe and the Kluger have been in use since the government removed roadside warning signs in the state in November 2019, so significant issues are unlikely to arise.

But there are 47 previous-generation T32 Nissan X-Trails in operation that don’t have enough cargo space to carry all the camera and safety equipment, as well as the new warning signs.

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Overall, out of the current fleet 103 vehicles will need to be modified to accommodate the markings. According to a report in Sydney Morning Herald, which called the situation a “catastrophe” – only 38 operational during the busy holiday period.

Instead of replacing the very small vehicles, contractors working with Transport for NSW and NSW Police will upgrade the existing fleet to accommodate the warning signs. The government announced the policy change in October, although little progress appears to have been made to update the vehicles.

The mobile speed camera warning policy in NSW has moved back to how it started, after a strong public backlash led to the reintroduction of rooftop warning signs in October 2021.

Our original story, below, continues unchanged.

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Update 17/10/22: Up to 47 of the 143-strong NSW mobile speed camera fleet may not have enough space to accommodate the required warning signs.

The NSW Government announced earlier this month that mobile speed cameras will revert to earlier warning signs from January 1, 2023.

The change comes after a public backlash against the NSW Government’s decision to remove all signs during the pandemic, doubling the revenue from speeding fines in the state.

According to NSW Deputy Secretary for Transport Tara McCarthy, since removing the signs, the speed camera fleet has been refurbished with 47 Nissan X-Trail mid-size SUVs that can now potentially carry the warning signs. Too young to go. ABC.

Wheels Reviews 2022 Nissan X Trail ST Ruby Red Australia Dynamic Rear 3 A Brook


The update may cause a delay in the reintroduction of symptoms. McCarthy indicated that the department is exploring a variety of solutions, including lighter weight markers (which would need to be tested against strong winds), or replacing some of the fleet with larger vehicles.

October 11: “We’ve heard loud and clear from the community on this issue, which is why we’re making these important changes.”


  • Warning approach points restored.
  • The decision was made based on feedback from motorists.
  • To slow down drivers in dangerous areas, don’t increase revenue.

The NSW Government will reinstate warning signs at mobile speed camera locations from 1 January 2023.

As before the Covid-19 pandemic, any mobile speed camera will require a warning sign before and after the vehicle, as well as a roof-mounted indicator.

Metropolitan Roads Minister, Natalie Ward, said: “We have listened to extensive community feedback and from January 1 next year, all mobile speed cameras will include portable warning signals to and from enforcement sites.”

Mobile speed cameras in NSW

The decision is in response to concerns from communities and motorists about the optics of hidden mobile speed cameras that have been in place in NSW since 2010, although they have recently been the subject of controversy.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, warning signs in front of speed camera locations and on car roofs were removed and some completely unmarked MG ZS small SUVs were seen on the roads. In the meantime, the minimum speeding penalty limit has also dropped.

The result was more than double the revenue from speeding fines compared to the previous fiscal year.Despite 274 road deaths between September 2021-2022 – a tragic 21 more than the previous year.

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The NSW Government listened to the backlash against hidden cameras. By April 2022, changes were made to aid visibility, starting with markings above mobile cameras.

In September 2022, the NSW Government introduced new guidelines to prevent mobile speed cameras from ‘hiding’ behind trees, poles or parked cars.

Regional Transport and Roads Minister, Sam Farraway, said: “We have had a number of instances where mobile speed cameras have been placed behind trees or poles, making it difficult for drivers to see the mobile speed cameras operating in the area. It’s become harder to stay alert,” said Sam Farraway.

“I want motorists to slow down, drive within the speed limit and reach their families safely.

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“These additional warning signs will help educate drivers in real-time, giving them advance warning to slow down at these high-risk points on our road network.

“In fact, nearly two-thirds of speeding drivers or riders involved in fatal and serious injury crashes over the past five years were traveling at speeds of less than 10 km/h.

NSW to continue with hidden phone detection cameras

How does NSW compare to other states?

NSW may be listening to motorists regarding its hidden mobile speed cameras, but other Australian states are not changing their ways.

Victoria continues with unmarked mobile cars, adding 150 to its fleet in mid-2021 to boost revenue.

ACT Mobile Speed ​​Camera Van


The Queensland government is trialling cameras disguised as roadworks machinery and portable speed signs in metro areas by August 2022.

South Australia is also notorious for covert speed detection with highly secretive methods that include no-signal devices in car bumpers.

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