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In your mind, you probably have an SUV with big wheels, long wheel arches, and black cladding covering the rear half of the vehicle. Not to mention the rear-mounted spare wheel and the SUV’s upright stance. The country’s roads have a good reputation. Majority of the roads are in fact in need of repair and uneven. Nowadays, the majority of people enjoy taking unexplored routes to see new scenery and roads less traveled. The best SUVs in the market right now are on offer to thrill. People pay close attention to an SUV’s engine, fuel economy, and comfort, but they shouldn’t overlook the tires. These tire manufacturers generally produce better tires than their competitors, whether you occasionally use your sport utility vehicle for city trips or for outings in the countryside. They offer a firm grip and ensure safe braking while on the road as they are made of special tread compounds and patterns. Let’s dive deeper into the specifications of these tires for mid-range SUVs that are in high demand.

Yokohama Geolander A/T G015

The all-new Geolandar A/T G015 takes things up a notch. The tire is equipped with an unusual tread pattern and an aggressive shoulder block to handle large lumps of wet mud with ease. The tire performs perfectly on snow, sand, rocks and gravel. In addition, the tread’s deep groove improves water drainage. A triple polymer-silica compound with orange oil, on the other hand, guarantees better running grip. Additionally, the tire is claimed to improve road holding and stability. The tire can last up to 50,000 km in normal use. The Yokohama is offered with a variety of tire sizes … wheel sizes range from 15 inches in diameter to 18 inches in diameter.

Price: ₹6,570 – ₹25,835

Michelin LTX Force

Michelin is one of the most trusted producers in the tire industry. It is one of the top options in the world for off-road travelers. Although it is expensive, it deserves praise for its reliability and quality. When planning a trip to steep mountains, gorges, or even rough roads, its LTX Force is the best option. Incredible traction will keep you grounded. Three rim sizes are available: 15, 16, and 17 inches.

Price: ₹8,955 to ₹13,865 approx.

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The OE tire of the Desi Wrangler, Mahindra Thar 2020, guarantees a balanced trajectory on asphalt as well as effective grip on the toughest terrains. Tagged at the right price, the CEAT Czar AT tire lets you drive effortlessly on highways as well as off-roads. Its square-shaped shoulder block and aggressive tread pattern provide better stability and traction on any terrain. Advanced 2D toothed sipes ensure excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces, while deep grooves effectively evacuate mud and water. To protect the sidewall against sudden potholes in the city and unexpected bumps on rocky terrain, rim protectors come as a boon.

Price: ₹5,252 – ₹12,801

MRF Wanderer A/T All Terrain

The locally manufactured MRF Wanderer A/T all-terrain SUV tire is quite popular. The tire is renowned for its value for money, combining off-road performance with durability. The tire uses a superior tread pattern and a compound material made of reinforced steel with N66 ply. Its off-road performance is commendable thanks to its staggered tread grooves, and its multi-layered, high-modulus body and strong sidewalls ensure that it can last longer off-road. The tire is offered for a wide range of wheel sizes (R 15 to R 18), making it suitable for a number of SUVs.

Price: ₹4,900 to ₹10,000

Hankook DynaPro AT M (RF10)

In the off-road SUV tire market, tires from this Korean company have gradually gained ground. This 4×4 vehicle compatible puncture resistant tire works best on rough terrain. Apart from giving the vehicle a tough look, these tires also protect it from bumps, shattering impacts and cuts. To protect it from off-road impacts, it has a strong under-tread gauge, a thick sidewall, and a carcass. It is equipped with a seamless bead wire that guarantees safety when traveling off-road under light pressure.

Price: Rs 8,527 approx.

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