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Torque Motors will announce a new product at the Auto Expo. – Dubai Car News

Torque Motors, a Pune-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, has garnered a lot of positive attention for bringing a really cool product, the Kratos, to the market. But as of now, what special are they bringing to the much-awaited Auto Expo 2023?

Torque Motors will announce a new product at the Auto
Tork Kratos

New motorcycle?

Tork Motors, the Indian EV manufacturer known for its amazingly cool EV bikes, is set to launch an all-new and improved model at next month’s Auto Expo 2023. While information about the new electric motorcycle is scarce, we expect it to be a very premium offering and sit above the Kratos R, which means it’s comparable in terms of performance and technology and quality. There will be more. His Kratos brother. While Torque has also announced that it will unveil an updated version of the Kratos R next month, which is likely to get some additional features and cosmetic upgrades, the new motorcycle will go a step further. We can expect it to offer better features and performance as well, and be a better version of the outgoing Kratos R. Now, that’s something to look forward to, because customers are only asking for even crazier products in the EV industry, and the crazier it is, the better.

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So, what’s the deal with the prices of the upcoming bikes? Now, the Kratos R is priced at Rs 1.48 lakh, ex-showroom. So, given that the new model will be more premium than the outgoing model, it is also likely to be priced higher than the former. However, Torque Motors also has the more affordable Kratos at Rs 1.32 lakh, ex-showroom, so it covers all segments of the Indian EV 2-wheeler market and caters to the needs of every customer in the EV market.

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