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Tough Dog suspension transforms the construction of the Isuzu MU-X. – Dubai Car News

WThe stock suspension on the current model MU-X plays very well with the factory gear and is an improvement over the previous generation wagon, it’s just not cutting the mustard we need from four-wheel drive.

The MU-X is a bit underpowered in stock trim, and while the build is intended to keep the vehicle as light as possible, we’ve added a bit of off-road gear which adds some weight.

Key additions include an off-road animal front bar and an MSA drawer system at the rear. These are probably the lightest examples of front bar and drawer systems on the market, hence why we chose them, but at the end of the day weight is weight.

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After a successful run of Tough Dog suspension in our last project – the Isuzu D-MAX – we wanted to run Tough Dog’s suspension kit in the MU-X and see how it compared to the Leaf in an all-coil wagon. Rides. – Spring rear D-MAX. I put 25,000 km into the D-MAX on Tough Dog gear and can report that we had no issues at all.

After assessing how much weight and accessories we were adding we booked, and headed to the Tough Dog head office in Sydney’s Marsden Park for installation and wheel alignment.

The job only took a few hours to complete, including time spent on photography and answering a million questions from me. There’s nothing like spending time with experts in their field, picking their brains for technical know-how. Thanks again to the Tough Dog team for taking the time.

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With this particular vehicle, we initially underestimated how much weight we’d be carrying, which resulted in choosing a suspension package that went way too high. A quick chat with Simon Vella from Tough Dog, and he had the car hoisted back to install springs front and rear, with a lower spring rate to match what we’re actually carrying. be

That’s the advantage of working with a reputable company like Tough Dog. Not only were they happy to help us and make sure we were happy with the vehicle’s performance, but they have the product in stock, ready to go.

We now have a rear coil spring that suits our needs from 0 to 300 kg load, and the front end is designed for a vehicle with a light replacement bumper with no winches, not loops. A more traditional and heavy bulbar with .

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There is a real lesson to be learned from this experience, as it absolutely pays to have a plan before you modify your vehicle. First weigh the vehicle, weigh it, and then start looking for a suspension upgrade, so you have a vehicle that handles correctly for your weight and load.

If in doubt, pick up the phone and ask questions to experts in the field. Getting the right advice to steer you in the right direction the first time will save you money, time and heartache.

After running the MU-X with the Tough Dog suspension, and selecting and installing the correct springs, the MU-X performed well. We gained about 40 to 45mm of ride height from stock, and the 265x70R17 Maxxis all-terrain tires clear easily, no need to remove the mud flaps to fit.

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Thanks to the longer shock absorbers there’s more available for wheel travel, so the MU-X isn’t just a tad taller, it’s genuinely more capable in the rough stuff.

Now all that’s left is to fill the tank with diesel and get the MU-X dirty. We’re looking forward to putting the new suspension through its paces as well as continuing the process of building the MU-X to the way it looks, handles and rides.


Installation, including wheel alignment, will set you back about $750, but it depends from workshop to workshop and what vehicle you have.

The Tough Dog suspension kit that fits the 2022 Isuzu MU-X is priced at $1542 supplied with unassembled front struts, or $1722 with struts pre-assembled. These prices will vary depending on the ingredients you choose, so it’s best to visit Tough Dog’s website and experiment.

For more information or to check out the range of 4WD suspensions from Tough Dog, log on to:

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