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Toyota BZ4x and Subaru Soltra resume production with precision to prevent wheels from falling off – Dubai Car News

Update: Toyota BZ4X and Subaru Soltra resume production after concerns over wheel loss

gave 2023 Toyota BZ4X And 2023 Subaru Solterra The electric SUV twins will resume production later this month.

The combined recall comes more than three months after release due to concerns about loose wheels and falling off, and manufacturing was halted in Japan (full details below).

The problem affected more than 5,000 units globally – spread between about 2,700 Toyota BZ4x and 1,600 Subaru Soltra vehicles – just eight weeks after the vehicles went on sale.

Subaru Solterra 12 overseas model shown.


According to Industry Journal Automotive Newsthe problem arose from Toyota’s added weight of the battery pack, combined with reducing the instant torque of the electric motor.

It is claimed that Toyota was made aware of the problem following a report from Taiwan in late May, which was followed by two incidents in the United States.

Hub bolts connecting the wheels can loosen due to vigorous driving, such as “sharp turns or aggressive braking,” the report said.

The final form of the Toyota BZ4X was revealed on the 19th


“It’s embarrassing to say that we did different assessments, but we couldn’t detect the problem because we didn’t assess on the basis that the quality of the wheels would deteriorate so much during the assessment process,” Toyota said. . Chief Technology Officer, Masahiko Maeda.

“We will respond strongly to restore confidence in the safety of Toyota vehicles.”

To solve this problem, engineers reportedly added washers to the hub bolts.

2022 2023 Toyota BZ 4 X UK Launch 02


The brand has also improved the wheel’s surface friction, which was initially “very rough with wide variations in processing quality.”

While it has yet to start production, the issue also affected the related Lexus RZ electric SUV.

both of them Toyota BZ4x And Subaru Solterra It is expected to arrive in Australia in 2023, with pricing and final details to be announced closer to launch.

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2023 Toyota BZ4X02


August 8: BZ4x owners can sell their cars back to Toyota.

Toyota of America has offered to buy back BZ4x EVs already sold, in response to delays in fixing a defect that could see its wheels come loose and separate from the vehicle.

Owners affected by the threat were notified in June and advised not to drive their cars until a solution was found – a ‘caution’ message that followed a return to normality. was against which would normally invite owners to return to their dealerships. Immediate repair action.

Now, months later, Toyota has yet to reach a resolution to the issue, moving the company to allow owners to sell their cars back – although it’s unclear whether they will be fully compensated.

To Toyota’s credit, the company has provided each affected owner with a loaner vehicle at no cost, while also covering all fuel costs. The company has also provided a credit of US$5000 for repayment of loan or lease.

In its communication to owners, Toyota said: “Repurchase terms may vary depending on your state and special circumstances”.

The full letter sent to owners is posted below, As one owner shared on social media website Reddit.



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June 24: Toyota and Subaru recall new EVs over risk of loose wheels

Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Subaru have been forced to recall their jointly developed BZ4x and Solterra electric vehicles just months after they were launched.

According to Reuters, Both electric vehicles have been recalled due to loose wheels and a risk of falling, affecting more than 5,000 units worldwide.

The Japanese government’s safety regulator has said that sharp turns and sudden braking can loosen the hub bolts, urging drivers to stop using their vehicles until a permanent solution is found. .

Subaru Solterra 3 overseas model shown.


For the Toyota BZ4x – the manufacturer’s first dedicated EV – around 2,700 examples have been recalled, with 2,200 in Europe, 260 in the United States, 20 in Canada and 110 in its native Japan.

About 2600 units of the Subaru Solterra are affected by the recall, but it’s worth noting that neither model is available in Australia yet, although both are due to hit the local market next year.

Toyota has said its BZ4x will arrive in Australia “sometime” in 2023, potentially allowing Subaru to introduce the Solterra with a planned mid-2023 launch date.

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