2023 toyota bz4x side view

Toyota bZ4X shows no September sales, company up 17.1 percent for the month. – Dubai Car News

It’s hard to believe we’re already past the third quarter of 2022. That means a plethora of automaker sales statistics are flooding our inboxes, and a number of Toyotas caught our attention. Absolutely zero The bZ4Xs went on sale in September, but that’s not due to a lack of buyer interest in Toyota’s first fully electric vehicle.

In June, we reported on a recall issued by Toyota for the bZ4X. Something was causing the nuts to come loose, possibly leading to wheels that could come off. Toyota said about 260 vehicles were involved in the recall, which matches the total number of bZ4Xs sold so far this year. At the time of the recall, Toyota said an investigation was underway to determine a remedy and advised owners not to drive the vehicles.

Here’s that remedy, according to a Toyota representative. even now An investigation is underway and as such, no new bZ4X are being sold until this is taken care of. The problem also affects the Subaru Solterra, but no Soltras were delivered before the recall.

Toyota also registered nine Sequoia deliveries for September, though that’s also not indicative of consumer demand. An all-new Sequoia debuted earlier in the year to replace the veteran model, but production didn’t begin until mid-September. Posted sales numbers represent dwindling stocks of previous-generation models, and with 2008 bones, we don’t hold buyers accountable until the new SUV hits dealerships.

Despite those two spots, Toyota only grew 17 percent in September. Interestingly, the Corolla and Camry’s strong performances were factors in this increase. Corolla sales were up 32 percent this month and Camry sales were up 45.8 percent, suggesting the market for compact cars and sedans still exists. Meanwhile, SUV sales were largely down, with the exception of the RAV4 which saw a strong 50.8 percent increase. Toyota truck sales also increased. 18.7 percent for the Tacoma and 11.2 percent for the Tundra. However, that’s still a fraction of the Detroit automaker’s pickup sales.

September was a positive month for the Japanese automaker, but Toyota’s overall year-to-date sales are down 15.4 percent.

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