toyota bz model teased

Toyota teases the new electric BZ model, and it looks like a liftback. – Dubai Car News

Toyota expanded its EV family by two models yesterday with the launch of the bZ3 in China. It’s a sedan that borrows a lot of the bZ4x’s styling, especially at the front. However, it was not the only Toyota model. The automaker also teased a third BZ vehicle.

The lone image shows a car that looks similar to the bZ3, but closer inspection reveals a much more tapered rear end design. While the bZ3 is a sedan, the mystery bZ model in the teaser looks like a liftback or a hatchback. It’s hard to miss the panel differences in the roof, which characterize the style. The shadows hide the rest of the car, but it looks like it will adopt the front-end styling of other BZ models.

A creased front fender is clearly visible, while the rear silhouette looks interestingly sporty. The small light in the photo shines through the angular rear taillights, which will likely look similar to the bZ4X.

Toyota has provided very little information about the vehicle. It simply said that it was a “Toyota BZ series model under development.” The automaker plans to launch a family of BZ models, with six expected to ride on the e-TNGA platform.

However, Toyota teased the BZ model on the day news broke that the company was reviewing its electrification strategy. The company has reportedly suspended production of some models as it revises its future EV lineup, which could slow the rollout of new vehicles but help lower manufacturing costs. .

It’s unclear if Toyota plans to bring the mystery model to the US. Toyota hasn’t said whether the new bZ3, which broke cover in China, will also be sold here. Toyota’s first EV, the bZ4x, went on sale in the US earlier this year, but it hasn’t been a great rollout.

At this point in a car’s development, the powertrain is anyone’s guess. We hope to learn more about this new model in the coming months. The automaker didn’t say when we should expect more information, but we’ll keep an eye out.

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