2024 Toyota Prius teaser LSCP

Toyota teases what 2024 Prius hybrid could be in shady tweet – Dubai Car News

TThe Toyota Prius left Australia in May of this year without an obvious replacement, but an image posted to Twitter by the Japanese automaker suggests a new vehicle may not be far off.

The photo in question (below) shows only a sharp C-shaped LED headlight with the script written on the body “Hybrid recombination

Another odd detail is the red reflector on the front right wheel. Side reflectors are not required in Japan, but have often taken the form in the United States, where ‘side markers’ are mandatory (and the Prius is popular).

Toyota hasn’t said if the vehicle in question is the new Prius, but the tip includes another image that shows the new silhouette. To us, the sleek sedan fastback looks a lot like the old Prius.

Launched in 1997, the Prius was the first mass-market petrol-electric hybrid to make a real impact. 25 years later, can a new Prius challenge perceptions again?

It may seem like an odd choice in a world transitioning to BEVs, but hybrid vehicles are still in demand. The new car could also be based on the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid.

2024 Toyota Prius Teaser


Toyota has it. Created a landing page For the new car, it says “2022.11.16” below, suggesting that the new car will be revealed in Japan next Wednesday.

Whether this is indeed a new Prius, and whether it will come to Australia, remains to be seen.

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