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Traffic InfraTech Expo will be organized in Mumbai. – Dubai Car News

The 10th edition of Traffic InfraTech Expo will be held in Mumbai from November 16-18.

TrafficInfraTech Expo is India’s premier platform that connects traffic and transport professionals from across the globe. For the past decade, the traffic and transport industry has been at the heart of government, local authorities, traffic and mobility decision-makers, transport industry professionals, and road transport and municipal governance authorities with forward-thinking innovators. connect

This year the expo will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Gurgaon East, Mumbai. It is open to all and anyone can visit the expo between 10 am to 6 pm.

At the expo, you can find a range of solutions to implement traffic safety: ANPR-enabled software powered by advanced AI that helps monitor and identify vehicles in real-time; In addition, how integration with video analytics software can enable applications such as vehicle counting, average speed detection, and stationary vehicle detection. With this information, one can calculate the flow of traffic throughout the day and identify any violations immediately, thereby increasing road safety.

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The expo will have five segments/exhibitor profiles. They are:

  • ITS/Telematics
  • Fares and tolls
  • Road/Highway Safety
  • Traffic/Transport Security
  • Infrastructure

Visitors will be able to see a camera-based parking solution to monitor on-street and off-street parking. A solution for traffic survey and data analysis, 4D imaging radar can provide real-time solutions for detecting bridges, vehicles under bridges and manholes. Intelligent fleet safety solutions for your business will also be on display.

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