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You may face an unfortunate situation in which you leave your keys in the locking car. You can get a locksmith to come and unlock your car — or get an extra set of keys if you’re close enough to home. However, there is another option for some types of cars. Try this secret trick. Opening the car door.

Use a shoelace or string to unlock the car door.

Man removing shoelaces from shoes to open SUV car door.
A man is untying his shoelaces Captain Lock pick via youtube

When you lock your keys in your car, the feeling of panic and frustration is understandable. However, drastic measures may not be required. If you have a vehicle with a locking tab mechanism that slides up and down vertically – which usually the window then you will probably be able to open the door with a shoelace.

First, find a good pair of shoelaces. As has been done by Captain Lockpick, you can now take off the shoes you are currently wearing. You will need both shoelaces. Alternatively, you can use some strings. However, the strings should be thick and strong, so that they don’t break when you try to open the door.

How to open a car door with a shoelace or string.

A man uses a shoelace to open the car door of an SUV.
Shoelace opens the car door Captain Lock pick via youtube

Once you’ve got the shoelaces (or string), follow these steps. Unlock the Car door:

  • Tie the shoelaces together by making a double knot, tying the ends of each lace together.
  • About 3/4 of the way down the joint, make a loop and tie another double knot.
  • Bring the long side of the shoelace up to the top corner of the door jamb. Then, slide the wire behind the door — toward the front of the car. From there, pull it to one side until you see a loop from the shoelace inside the cabin.
  • Now comes the hardest part. Place the loop on the locking mechanism. This may require multiple attempts.
  • After successfully hooking the loop around the locking mechanism, pull the shoelace firmly toward the rear of the car. Use the short end of the string to pull.
  • Slowly lift the shoelace up until you untie it. Car door. Also, be sure to apply consistent pressure, as a loose wire can easily slip through the lock. If you don’t succeed in the first attempt, keep trying.

Other points to consider

It goes without saying, but you should only use the shoelace/wire opening method for a car that you own — or as approved by a friend or relative. Don’t use this new knowledge. A vehicle is stolen. One of the viewers of the Captain Lockpick YouTube video said (possibly jokingly), “Thanks, comrade, now I have a new car.”

Also, this method only works for locking mechanisms that slide vertically. This will not work for horizontally sliding mechanisms.

If you are unable to open your car door, seek help from an automotive association, such as AAA, or a car service center, which can refer you to a local locksmith. Alternatively, you can call the police non-emergency number or dial 4-1-1 to get the phone number of a local locksmith.

There’s another unusual way to open a car door that’s been making the rounds on the Internet for a long time: a tennis ball. To find out if the tennis ball method really works, continue reading below

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