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Ultraviolet F77 First E-2W with Bosch ABS – Dubai Car News

Bengaluru-based e-mobility startup – Ultraviolet Automotive Pvt. Ltd., on the 24thTh In November this year, it debuted its high-performance electric motorbike, the F77 in the country at a price of Rs. 3.80 lakh for its standard variant. Being India’s first performance electric motorcycle to go on sale, the e-bike has bagged several ‘firsts’ titles in the country, becoming the first Indian electric two-wheeler to be equipped with Bosch’s dual-channel ABS system. .

About F77 and Bosch ABS

Ultraviolet has partnered with Bosch India to equip its electric motorcycle with the latter’s dual-channel ABS. This allows the rider to maintain stability, thus contributing to a safer riding experience even during braking. The Bosch Motorcycle ABS 10 base, adapted to the F77, is a dual-channel ABS for two-wheelers with hydraulic brakes on both the front and rear wheels. The technology also brings a rear-wheel lift-up mitigation function to the vehicle, helping to keep the rear wheel on the ground when a rider brakes sharply, reducing the risk of a rollover.

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Electric two-wheelers require special attention on the subject of recovery, i.e. energy recovery. This happens when the electric vehicle brakes or slows down while closing the throttle. Bosch ABS fulfills this specific requirement that enhances the performance of the bike in terms of safety.

Official statement

Commenting on the collaboration, Manohar Halahli, President, Bosch Two-Wheeler & Power Sports, India said: “Bosch has been at the forefront of ensuring rider safety in India and globally, with our vision of achieving accident-free moving forward. Mobility. We are delighted to be associated with an innovative partner like UltraViolet, who are bringing industry-leading technology to their electric motorcycle, the F77. The F77 debuts with Bosch ABS, not just an electric bike. will make two-wheeler riding fun and efficient, but also safer. With this partnership, we will not only continue our contribution to the safety of riders in traditional two-wheelers, but extend it to electric two-wheelers as well. have been.”

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