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Vedanta promotes EV adoption for employees. – Dubai Car News

If I ask you if you want to promote a product that is good for people but doesn’t sell enough, you might say that an easy way to do it is to offer incentives and discounts. , and to be fair, you may be true. So did Vedanta Limited, a globally diversified natural resources company. It launched its EV policy for employees at all locations.

New EV Policy

Under the new policy, the company is offering incentives ranging from 30% to 50% for various employee grades for purchase of 4-wheeler and two-wheeler electric vehicles to all employees. In fact, a good way to promote a good cause is through green mobility. Road-based transport is responsible for about 12% of global GHG emissions. As part of its commitment towards net-zero carbon, Vedanta has pledged to decarbonise 100% of its light motor vehicles by 2030. This EV policy will be applicable for purchases made after December 2022 for company employees.

Vedanta promotes EV adoption for employees Dubai Car News

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Sunil Dogal, Group CEO, Vedanta Limited said, β€œIn keeping with our People First philosophy, and integrating ESG practices into everything we do, we have is pleased to announce its new EV policy for employees.This policy will lead to increased adoption of EVs among employees and help drive India’s green mobility for a sustainable future. Vali will lead to a change in mindset. With this initiative, we also call upon other corporates to incorporate sustainability into their operations and join us in the country’s transition to net zero.”

So, what else is Vedanta doing? A lot if you ask me. Vedanta has developed a comprehensive framework to become an ESG leader in the natural resources sector. Vedanta is committed to reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050 or earlier and aims to spend $5 billion over the next 10 years to accelerate the transition to net-zero operations. The company recently partnered with the World Economic Forum by joining 1t.org- a trillion tree platform and committed to planting 7 million trees to create a resilient environment.

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