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November was a strong month for new car sales in Australia, with almost all leading brands showing good growth over the 30 days.

It was also another notable achievement for some of the Chinese players, such as MG and GWM, who continued to occupy the top 10 spots – knocking out more established rivals. Additionally, another Chinese newcomer – electric vehicle maker BYD – entered the sales charts for the first time.

According to the monthly results provided by Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), it was a better November than last year, with 95,080 units registered compared to 80,639 this time in 2021 – albeit lower than the COVID-19-hit 2020 which saw 95,205 cars sold at home. were found

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This keeps the market up. 18 percent for the month And year-to-date with 22,080 more vehicles sold up 2.3 percent.

While most leading brands posted positive results, Hyundai suffered the biggest mainstream loss with a 20 percent decline, although Toyota and Mazda managed to swing things in the other direction, up 32 and 43 percent respectively during the period. stay

New South Wales led the way with 29,545 units shifted, followed by Victoria with 25,534 and Queensland with 20,621.

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“The automotive sector is on course to recover from pandemic-related shutdowns, global shortages of microprocessors and general supply chain uncertainty,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said. FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said.

“The industry will next week deliver its one millionth vehicle to market in 2022. While this is positive news, many customers are still facing an extended wait for their vehicle, with expected delivery dates of more than 12 months for some models. with.

Toyota retained the top spot among all automakers, with Mazda in second place and Ford rounding out the top three.

2023 Toyota RAV4 Edge Hybrid 01


Top 10 Models πŸ₯‡

The Toyota HiLux ute regained the top spot in November with 5440 and 60,120 YTD.

Compared to its regular rival, the Ford Ranger, which returned to second place for the month in November with 5,073 registrations – and 42,816 sales for the second year in a row.

However, November was a strange month. Only two utes made the top 10. – With Isuzu’s D-Max only missing 1580 vehicles sold. The Mitsubishi Triton was also absent last month with just 1498 shifts. The two made the year-to-date top 10, placing seventh and fourth respectively.

2023 Ford Ranger Wild Track Orange ute 106 Hlxrangcomp


Last month was great with the Corolla hatch/sedan taking third place. 3732 sales There was significant growth (up 77 percent), and it also did quite well in sixth place YTD with sales of 23,441 cars (up 22 percent).

The Chinese-made MG ZS also surged 94 percent, coming in fourth with 3,051 units moved in November and knocking several common contenders such as the Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5 and Mitsubishi Outlander down the charts – filling all three. With. 2282, 1949 and 1875 at fifth, sixth and seventh positions. The YTD ZS took a more common tenth place with 19,410 sales (up 18 percent).

Close behind was another trio of midsize SUVs: the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson cousins, which are quickly establishing themselves as top 10 players, with 1844 and 1734, respectively, followed by newcomer Tesla in eighth and tenth place. Sandwiched between 1805 and 1805 with the Model Y.

So far this year though all three were replaced in the charts by the Mitsubishi Triton and D-Max utes, as well as 20,014 by the Hyundai i30 sedan/hatch and 20,132 by the Toyota Prado large SUV.

C Brunelli 220321 COTY 2022 Hyundai Tucson Elite 11


Top 10 Cars in Australia: November 2022

Rank Model Sales vs. November 21
1 Toyota Hilux 4×4 5,440 29%
2 Ford Ranger 4X4 5,073 15%
3 Toyota Corolla 3,732 77%
4 MGZ 3,051 94%
5 Toyota RAV4 2,282 25%
6 Mazda CX-5 1,949 147%
7 Mitsubishi Outlander 1,875 15%
8 Kia Sportage 1,844 169%
9 Tesla Model Y 1,805 0%
10 Hyundai Tucson 1,734 13%

Top 10 Cars in Australia: YTD 2022

Rank Model Sales Vs YTD 21
1 Toyota Hilux 4×4 60,120 23%
2 Ford Ranger 4X4 42,816 -7%
3 Toyota RAV4 32,652 0%
4 Mitsubishi Triton 4X4 26,382 51%
5 Mazda CX-5 25,425 11%
6 Toyota Corolla 23,441 -15%
7 Isuzu D-Max 22775 -1%
8 Toyota Prado 20,132 5%
9 Hyundai i30 20,014 -14%
10 MGZ 19,410 18%
Toyota Hilux SR 5 E Dewar 220726 2022 Ute Mega Test 3346


Top 10 Car Brands πŸ₯‡

November was a better month for market leader Toyota, with sales of 20,107, up 32 percent from the same time last year. Year-to-date it has added 214,776 units.

Mazda has returned to its traditional second spot after a few months of falling down the charts, with 7,549 units sold last month (up 43 percent) but year-to-date shifting of 87,218 cars and a loss of seven percent.

2022 Mazda CX 5 Akera Turbo SUV 55


In another twist of events, Ford took the third spot thanks to its 7,165 vehicles finding a home, pushing Korean firms Kia and Hyundai further down the rankings from fourth and fourth with 6,120 sales respectively in recent months. Seen on the sixth but still increased by 25 percent. Last November saw 5,519 for Kia and 5,519 for sister Hyundai, albeit down 20 per cent – ​​with Japanese Mitsubishi selling 5,559 for the month and a slight drop of three per cent for the month.

So far for 2022, the picture looks a little different, with the Asian trio coming in third, fourth and fifth and overtaking Ford for sixth place, with 60,463 vehicles compared to Kia’s 72,700, Mitsubishi’s 72,064 and Hyundai’s 68,911. Sold.

There were also gains for Chinese brands as MG took seventh place with 5,497 registrations in November (up 47 percent) and 44,388 for the year (up 24 percent), both month-to-date and year-to-date, and GWM last month with 48. It reappeared in the top 10, sitting at number ten with 2,914 sales, with a percentage increase. It was knocked off the charts for the year though with 21,747 cars sold compared to traditional players like the Isuzu ute (32,818) and Mercedes-Benz (29,219).

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Subaru was still eighth in November with 3,701 units sold (but down seven percent), and came in ninth with 31,965 vehicles sold for the year, joined at the bottom of the top 10 by Volkswagen on 3,045 cars (two percentage less). Volkswagen was pushed off the annual chart although its 27,887 sales were not enough to bring it over the line. Also, Nissan has only moved 23,951 vehicles by 2022.

Top 10 Brands: November 2022

Rank Model Sales vs. November 21
1 Toyota 20,107 32%
2 Mazda 7,549 43%
3 Ford 7,165 15%
4 what 6,120 25%
5 Mitsubishi 5,559 -3%
6 Hyundai 5,519 -20%
7 MG 5,497 47%
8 Subaru 3,701 37%
9 Volkswagen 3,045 -2%
10 GWM 2,914 48%

Top 10 Brands: YTD 2022

Rank Model Sales Vs YTD 21
1 Toyota 214,776 4%
2 Mazda 87,218 -7%
3 what 72,700 15%
4 Mitsubishi 72,064 16%
5 Hyundai 68,911 3%
6 Ford 60,463 -8%
7 MG 44,388 24%
8 Isuzu Ute 32,818 0%
9 Subaru 31,965 -7%
10 Mercedes-Benz cars 29,219 -5%
E Dewar 220721 2022 Lexus LX 600 Toyota Land Cruiser LC 300 Comparison 70


Ups and downs πŸ”Ό πŸ”½

Outside the top 10, Fiat (down 93 percent) and Nissan (down 51 percent) were the most struggling mainstream brands.

There were gains for other household names, though, with Chevrolet (up 58 percent), Ram (80 percent), Ssangyong (up 70 percent) and Volvo (59 percent) all posting big gains in November.

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Unusually, utes were not the most popular vehicle type in the country when the 4×4 and 4×2 variants were combined last month, with 16,939 units compared to 19,423 units of the former.

There were 20,274 mid-size SUVs that left the showrooms in November 2021, compared to 13,967.

All SUV categories have seen growth in the last month. – and the overall SUV market share also grew by 32 percent for the month and seven percent YTD. Total SUV sales were 52,395 for November and 525,537 so far in 2022 (compared to 491,351 this time in 2021). Year-to-date, mid-size SUVs and upper large SUVs have grown the most at 45 and 251 percent.

Wheels Reviews 2022 Kia Sportage SX Diesel Gravity Gray Australia Static Side A Brook


Light commercial vehicles also increased their share by six percent in November and 1.5 percent YTD, again at the expense of passenger cars, which were down one percent in the market last month and nine percent YTD.

Micro, medium, upper large and people mover cars were down 53, 0.4, 38 and 17 percent respectively in the 30-day period.

Meanwhile, light, small, large, and sports cars were up nine, four, 22, and nine percent for the month.

Comparatively, all of these categories experienced year-over-year declines except for midsize, large cars and people movers, which were all up six, 22 and nine percent.

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While by no means their best month this year, there were still 4,457 electric vehicles sold, up from 568 in November 2021 and 28,326 so far in 2022 – increases of 685 and 516 percent. About 850 of those came from the newcomer BYD Atto 3, while Tesla sold 391 examples of the Model Y. Polestar’s Model 3 and 1805. Polestar moved just 240 of its Polestar 2 sedans last month.

The number of hybrids also increased from 4,983 this time last year to 8,529 last month, up 71 percent for the month, and up 16 percent year-to-date. Plug-in hybrid numbers also increased by three percent, with 429 sold in November and 5,477 in 2022 (compared to 415 in November last year and 3,054 this time in 2021).

Volatility in petrol prices is partly to blame, although state-based incentives and increased interest and investment from the new federal government over the past 11 months are also likely to have played a role.

Thomas Wielecki 2023 Honda HRV V Kia Niro V Toyota Corolla Cross V Mazda CX 30 Group SUV 2211 E Vmega 15


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