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Victoria is introducing new technology to combat number plate cloning. – Dubai Car News

The Victorian Government is set to introduce new number plates with added security which it claims will reduce crime and plate theft.

The move began on Friday 30 December 2022, with the government aiming to produce 430,000 new plates each year.

The number plates have directional security markings on the surface of the plate, which the government says will provide an extra layer of authentication and make it harder to clone the plates – an issue VicRoads has discussed with Victoria Police and Worked with the Department of Justice. and Community Safety to find a solution.

Note: Images of the new plates have not yet been released. The images in this story are current, current Victorian plates.

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The new plate design attempts to prevent theft by using markings that cannot be removed without damaging the reflective system.

This will help prevent duplication of plates that are affixed to vehicles of the same make and model, which are then used to commit crimes.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne said: “We have been working with relevant departments on solutions to tackle number plate theft and it is fantastic that we can now start delivering this new technology.”

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Number plate theft continues to be a concern in Victoria. RACV reporting in May In the year 2021, around 15,000 plate thefts were recorded. The crimes for which these stolen plates were used ranged from theft and drug trafficking to avoiding tolls and petrol station drive-offs.

The plate marks act like holograms on Australian banknotes, meaning that cloning the plates is becoming increasingly difficult.

Minister for Police, Anthony Carbines said, “We know number plate theft has been a growing problem in Victoria – these new directional security markings will add an extra layer of security that will deter theft and reduce crime. will help.”

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