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Video: Harrop-supercharged 1964 Pontiac Bonneville – Dubai Car News

IAin ‘Maru’ has been involved with Kelly. Street Machine Since he joined us for work experience since 2002.

Ion has had a wild career in automotive journalism, with gigs Auto Salon, speed And Motor Among others. He has also been involved with the YouTube jugganaut. Dominant car mods Over a long period of time, he authored two books and helped with countless projects.

Ion’s tastes in personal projects are wide-ranging, but Holdens, Subarus and early BMWs have been the most common rides to darken his shed.

Street Machine features Harrop Pontiac.


gave MCM The boys have been following the seven-year build of Marv’s 1964 Pontiac Bonneville and dropped their feature video on the finished product yesterday.

This is a wrapper video and documents the journey the car has taken with a Pontiac-powered cruiser called the Low Tourer.

It’s an interesting mix of features. Unlike most airbaged Yank tanks, there is a Harp blown, Warsped built, Helltech Nexus R5 controlled LS capable of 1000hp at the crank.

You can see the engine in more detail here.

Street Machine Features Harrop Pontiac 5


After deciding to forgo Pontiac power, Marv teamed up with Troy from Warspeed Industries to build a 403-cuber based on the LQ4 block. Goodies include Texas Speed ​​CNC LS3 heads and cam, Harrop TVS2650, Raceworks injectors and fittings and Haltech Nexus R5.

The rims are a set of custom Barrel Brothers units that pay homage to the classic Aussie Mawer wheels that adorned many touring cars and sports sedans in the 1970s and 80s.

Street Machine Features Harrop Pontiac 1


They have the biggest rear brakes that can fit Hoppers Stoppers and Marv has a set of sway bars coming to get the beast into events like the Optima Challenge in 2023.

Street Machine Features Harrop Pontiac 4


It’s a tumultuous story, filled with highs and lows that any street machinist can relate to, enjoy and keep an eye out for soon!

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