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WOver 2700 entries and spectator tickets were sold on both Saturday and Sunday. Street Machine Summernats 35 was a great event!

With no bushfires, COVID restrictions or even rain to dampen the proceedings, Nats 35 was a freight train from the time the gates opened on Thursday.

While Thursday is traditionally a soft launch day for the event, moving Meguiar’s Great Uncover from the traditional Friday to Thursday night meant it was game on from the offset.

After three big days, Sunday was pretty quiet on the spectator front, but there was still plenty of action.

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 2022 Dyno Hall Shaun Tanner 15


At the MPW Performance Dyno Sale, the Haltech Horsepower Heroes event culminated. Although the overall winner was never in doubt, there were some ding-dong battles in some classes and great performances from some really interesting cars.



The battle for the Grand Champion sword — now named in honor of event founder Chic Henry — was tougher. Final winner Livi Krevatin in his very cool Porsche 911 had some strong contenders, including Red CentreNATS champion Nigel Warr and his massively tough HQ ute.

Nigel finished second, ahead of Frank Derminen’s PROGM8 VH Commodore in the Elite Top 10.

The 911’s triumph has divided opinion online, but anyone who’s seen Levi’s effort behind the wheel and studied the car in detail will have to agree that it’s one hell of a package – regardless. What badge he wears.

Street Machine V 1 A 3077


With that, it left us judging the Burnout Championship and Burnout Masters competitions.

At PAGEY, Anthony Page won the championship for the second time in his HZ ute and Jake Myers nailed his second Masters gong in the newly redesigned Myers Mustang.

Street Machine V 1 A 3868


It was a hell of a weekend! A few takeaways: Darrell Braithwaite’s still got it, the mullet trend is only spreading faster and vodka and Red Bull slushies are a great pick-me-up for tired bones. Keep this in mind for next year.

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