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Volkswagen Australia says it will sell more EVs than ICE cars by 2028. – Dubai Car News


  • EV sales target reaches 150k between 2025-2030.
  • First phase of ID.4, ID.5, ID.3 and ID.Buzz
  • 10 new BEVs on the MEB by 2026 before the launch of the Trinity
  • A city car-sized EV is expected next in the future.

Volkswagen has announced lofty sales targets for electric vehicles, targeting 6,500 by 2024. 150,000 units delivered between 2025-2030..

It represents. Sales average 30,000 battery electric vehicles over the years. With the ID.4 and ID.5 expected to launch next year at price parity with the Tiguan – not to mention improved supply – Volkswagen may well meet its targets.

“EVs will overtake ICE models in Australia by 2028… If there is any improvement or progress in CO2 legislation or incentives for the purchase of EVs, this could be brought forward very well” Volkswagen Australia General Manager Marketing and Product, Rolf Beckman said. which car.

The ID.4 and ID.5 electric SUVs will be joined by the ID.3 small hatchback in late 2023/early 2024, and plenty of expansion into the brand’s ID.Buzz people mover and cargo van products. There are possibilities.

2023 Volkswagen ID 4 Pro ID 4 Pure Hatch Group 2211 Vwid 4 2


How high is Volkswagen aiming?

The year 2022 has been a huge supply bottleneck for Volkswagen, which is on track to move around 30,000 vehicles this calendar year.

Its biggest seller this year – the T-Cross light SUV (4897 sales) – is a mild surprise, though, reflecting model changes and supply struggles, with the Amarok ute now running out in 2022 ( 3948) leaves behind. VW is currently ranked 11th. Place in Australia marque sales tally for the year.

Compared to 2019 – the last full year before the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s war on Ukraine wreaked havoc on global supply chains – Volkswagen is down 40 percent from this year’s figure of 49,928.

For Volkswagen to achieve its posted EV sales targets between 2025-2030, 60-95 percent of its volume would need to come from battery-electric vehicles, with overall sales performance either holding steady. or will return to 2019 levels.

2023 Volkswagen ID 4 Pro Hatch Blue 2211 Vwid 4 16


As for the 2024 target of 6,500 electric vehicles, the ID.4 and ID.5 will do the heavy lifting. As of November 2022, the supply-strapped Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace mid-size SUVs accounted for 5,583 sales, and the figure is expected to reach 6,500-7,000 by the end of the year.

With the arrival of the Golf-sized ID.3 and ID.Buzz vans in 2024, Volkswagen’s goal looks achievable – supplies remain free enough, and the brand can convince punters to switch to electric power.

What new products are on the horizon?

To achieve bulk volume by 2030, Volkswagen will need more than midsize SUVs, a small car and a van. The entire range will need an overhaul.

The expected E-Amarok with its modified ICE underpinnings will be part of the project in the latter half of the decade.

2024 Volkswagen ID-Buzz and ID-Buzz Cargo Group 1


But it’s the 10 new vehicles that Volkswagen Global will introduce on its MEB platform by 2026 that will make the difference. Expect a Polo-sized BEV – likely to be called the ID.2 – as well as larger SUVs, and passenger vehicles in the works.

“As I mentioned, [Volkswagen] Not only did the product move, but as you can see here by 2026, the Volkswagen Group will have invested EU €52 billion in e-mobility. And by 2030, a total of six gigafactories will be in operation, ensuring that the supply of battery technology can meet the pace of BEV growth.

“Each of these individual gigafactories has the annual capacity to produce batteries to power half a million EVs,” Beckman said.

After 2026, the MEB platform will, in the main, be done with new releases, as Volkswagen has already committed to further development of its Trinity project.

Volkswagen Trinity Concept 2026 Teaser


“We will be moving into the future from the sedan BEV platform as well as project ‘Trinity’… Trinity will be a very important step forward in technology, and the crown jewel in VW technology being offered for the first time. will represent a level four autonomous driving model”, Beckman added.

The Trinity project is also introducing high-voltage electronics for potentially faster charging speeds to keep Tesla, Hyundai, Kia and Porsche’s more powerful and efficient motors with 200kW+ ratings, as well as more packaging refinements. .

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