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Volkswagen expands local van conversion program – Dubai Car News

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles It will expand its range of modified vans and utes from late 2022.

It follows the success of the Amarok W-Series and Crafter Kampervan programs, both vehicles completed by two of the most famous post-Victorian firms, Walkinshaw and Jayco.

The vehicles are designed to provide buyers with a factory-assisted solution, allowing the entire vehicle to be purchased from a Volkswagen dealer in a single transaction – eliminating the need to engage with a third-party company. ends.

Volkswagen Conversions Day Crafter 01


The latest additions to the modified vehicle line-up are the wheelchair-ready Caddy Maxi People Mover, a factory-backed Bullbar for the Crafter for ambulance use, and a ‘box body’ van.

Tipper and cold goods bodies are expected to be available for Crafter in late 2023 or early 2024, subject to final brand approval.

A second-generation version of the Amarok W series is also tipped to arrive in 2024, while local Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles director Ryan Davies said the all-electric ID. Buzz – which remains on the wish list – may get a similar ‘turn key’. ‘ Conversion.

Volkswagen Conversions Day Caddy 06


While local partners are used for the Amarok W-Series, Crafter Kampervan and Crafter bullbar, other vehicles will be manufactured in Europe and imported into Australia for sale.

Third-party converters are divided into two categories: an integrated partner included in the program, or an OE-level premium partner with strong qualifications and quality control.

Volkswagen will work with the aftermarket supplier to fix any potential defects under its five-year, unlimited kilometer warranty.

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Volkswagen Conversions Day Caddy 01


Wheelchair accessible Volkswagen Caddy

The wheelchair-accessible Volkswagen Caddy people mover, based on the flagship, seven-seat Maxi Life variant, will be released in late 2023.

It is manufactured and installed in Germany by AMF-Bruns, one of Volkswagen’s premium conversion partners.

While final details are subject to local coordination, it is expected to cost about a $25,000 premium over the stock Caddy Maxi Life priced at $52,640 before on-road costs.

A six-seat configuration will be standard for general use, with a fold-up seat in the third row similar to the Toyota Fortuner. A seven-seater model with two folding chairs will also be available.

Volkswagen Conversions Day Caddy 07


To provide accessibility for a wheelchair occupant, the modified Caddy features a cut-out floor, fold-flat ramps, foldable head and backrest, an extra-long seat belt with electric retractor, and a restraint system.

With full European certification and further engineering to maintain rigidity with a torsion test, the sled has been crash tested at 20 G-forces.

Compared to the standard Caddy Maxi Life, the wheelchair accessible variant features a unique suspension setup, while the spare wheel and tow kit have been deleted.

Volkswagen Australia expects about 30-40 sales in the first year, with the potential for NDIS support for the price of the conversion – but not the entire vehicle.

Volkswagen Conversions Daycrafter 04


Ambulance-ready Volkswagen Crafter

With the local ambulance fleet dominated by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Australia hopes to appeal to the emergency services fleet with a factory-backed Bulbar.

The product is designed and manufactured by Smartbar ARB, based in Adelaide, Australia, which supplies bullbars for fleet, emergency services and mining applications.

It is available for $3600 with lightweight polycarbonate construction and full compatibility with driving lights, emergency lights and sirens.

Volkswagen Conversions Daycrafter 02


The hollow construction – which weighs around 57kg – is said to be 30kg lighter than a conventional steel bulbar, with the ability to flex and absorb a crash.

All driver assistance features, such as autonomous emergency braking, remain available, while the integrated parking sensors carry the same tolerances as the stock units.

Currently, the Volkswagen Crafter is primarily used by Saint John WA, NSW Patient Transport, South Australia, and Ambulance Victoria fleets.

Volkswagen Conversions Daycrafter 08


Volkswagen Crafter Campervan

First revealed in April, 2023 Volkswagen Crafter Campervan Will be delivered to customers before Christmas.

Volkswagen says an initial allocation of 69 units for the Crafter campervan sold out in less than 12 hours, with more examples due to become available in mid-2023.

It has been replaced by Jayco south-east of Melbourne, with three variants available with standard all-wheel drive and a 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine.

Volkswagen Conversions Daycrafter 014


In response to customer feedback, Volkswagen Australia has added two lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 240Ah and a 240-volt inverter. He also fitted the Crafter Kampervan with a portable rear entry step, table and two chairs, and outdoor accessories such as a water hose, wheel chock and power extension lead.

It is priced from $133,390 before on-road costs. For a full rundown on the Crafter Kampervan, click the read more link below.

Volkswagen Conversions Daycrafter 024


Volkswagen Crafter box, tipper and cold goods bodies

The box-body single cab is the first modified Crafter model to hit local shores based on the 50 variant. It has been replaced by Ingemax in the UK.

Volkswagen says its sub-4.5-tonne truck has the highest payload in the class, at just under 1750kg.

It has a roller door, flat surfaces for sign writing or wrapping, a 500 kg column-mounted or cantilever-mounted tail lift, and a second battery.

The box-body Crafter is priced from $79,990 before on-road costs, with the first 22 vehicles due to arrive in Australia by Christmas.

Volkswagen Conversions Daycrafter 033


Meanwhile, the Crafter tipper and cold goods body are currently under review for Australia, with sales expected to begin in late 2023 or early 2024.

It is based on the Crafter 35 dual-cab, however, Volkswagen Australia said a single-cab variant is under investigation.

The tipper is also replaced by the Ingemax, with full-height steel construction, a side-mounted lock to prevent finger traps, and more visible markings on the rear.

It has a capacity of 400 kg for the gantry, with three load-lashing levels.

In the UK, payload is listed at 1065 kg.

Volkswagen Conversions Daycrafter 028


The Cold Goods Crafter is built by Carlson Baltic in Lithuania, with a eutectic cooling system that does not require engine power to keep the body cool in transport.

Volkswagen Australia said, “This solution is ideal for the transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles, as it only requires power via a 3-phase plug “back at base”.

It supports temperatures between -22 and -33 degrees, with the example undergoing real-world testing over the summer in Australia to adapt it to our climate.

Volkswagen Conversions Daycrafter 027


This will be done by the distributor of the cold goods, before moving further north to the warmer temperatures, the weather testing data will be sent to the manufacturer in real time via a GPS tracking system with temperature sensors. will

It has a capacity of up to three pallets with full approval in Europe and Australia.

While final pricing has yet to be determined, Volkswagen Australia expects a list price of around $130,000.

2023 Volkswagen ID Buzz 28


and what?

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Electric Van

The all-electric Volkswagen ID.Buzz is under consideration for Australia, but local executives hope it will arrive in early 2024.

Speaking to the media at the conversion day event, local Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Director Ryan Davies said that electric van conversion is likely.

The recent IAA in Hannover had a large number of converters to which it had access. [the ID.Buzz Cargo], and they have already developed several modification solutions for this car. It will certainly continue this iteration of the vehicle despite the fact that it is electric,” he said.

“Consumers still want solutions that fit their needs, whether it’s racking or… the ability to have enough machines in the back, or whatever.

“You can have more flexibility that it has electric power as well, so, you know, there are some interesting options out there and I think the conversion space is growing, even with EVs at the forefront.”

Volkswagen Amarok XL 2019


The next-generation Volkswagen Amarok XL and XXL extended wheelbase

Two years ago, Volkswagen Australia introduced extended wheelbase versions of the previous generation Amarok, completed by South Australia-based Adaptive Manufacturing.

The change was engineered by Veth Automotive in the Netherlands, which is said to be working on an extended wheelbase for the next-generation model.

“I’m sure [the supplier in the Netherlands is] Working on it,” Ryan Davis said.

“I don’t know where it is at this stage, but it’s something that will come up over time as these partners get access to the car.

“I don’t know if it will get an XL or an XXL for sure, but I would guess yes at some point.”

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