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Volkswagen Walkinshaw Amarok stops production ahead of next generation launch. – Dubai Car News

TThat final Walkinshaw-linked Volkswagen Amarok has rolled off the production line in Clayton, ending a partnership that produced 2600 dual-cab utes.

However, the door is open for Volkswagen Australia to work with Walkenshaw again when the next-generation Amarok arrives in Australia in 2023.

Of the 2,600 Walkinshaw Amaroks, 1,555 were built during the 2022 calendar year, with production of the limited-run models only starting in March 2021.

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Initially, the plan was to produce 2,000 vehicles as part of the partnership, but due to strong customer demand, the number increased to 2,600.

In total, the production run included 458 examples of the W580, 1419 W580S units, 599 W580X and the rarest model W580SE of which only 99 were built. There were also an additional 25 pilot builds to bring the total to a tidy 2,600 units.

Volkswagen commercial vehicles director Ryan Davies revealed Australians have shown a clear appetite for the flagship models.

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“Australians have voted with their wallets to make 90 per cent of Amarok sales the class-leading diesel V6 and 20 per cent of Amarok sales the Walkinshaw-engineered variant,” Davies said.

“It’s a testament to both the fundamental principles of this first-generation Amarok, which have helped to inspire and shape the upcoming second-generation model, and the great design and engineering of Walkinshaw.”

Volkswagen says the W580X features “up to 99 unique parts” coming from 26 different suppliers.

Walkinshaw Automotive Group director Ryan Walkinshaw pointed to the joint program as a win for the local manufacturing firm.

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“The numbers speak for themselves, but it’s also really gratifying to be able to support local manufacturing and suppliers in the process – all while taking a great platform that Amrock has to the next level,” he said. “

“We look forward to working with Volkswagen again to see what the future holds with their second generation.”

Both Volkswagen and Walkinshaw have hailed the Amarok program as a success, and while there is no official confirmation that it will continue, the two are likely to work together on a similar project once the next-generation vehicle arrives locally. are positive about

Australia is expected to be the biggest global market for the second-generation Amarok when it arrives early next year.

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