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VW Gen.Travel: The driverless concept aims to end the short flight. – Dubai Car News


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  • Promised a fifth degree of autonomy.
  • Others will form platoon with General Travels.
  • Sitting for four, sleeping for two

Volkswagen debuted its Gen.Travel concept vehicle at the Chantilly Arts and Elegance show (where Renault Turbo 3E Concept It was also revealed on 24 September 2022.

imagining Looking forward to an age where drivers are no longer needed. – an idea that has been tossed around most publicly for some time. Tesla.

The future of cars is not so much about power, range, or feel, but sustainable mobility for the masses.

Volkswagen General Travel Concept 7


The concept of Gen.Travel is all about transporting occupants in maximum comfort with minimum interaction. Proud of Gen.Travel. Level Five Autonomy is defined as the need for any human interaction during operation. Effectively an alternative for short-haul flights.

Dr. Nikolai Ardi, head of Volkswagen Group Innovation, explained the future of VW: “With its ‘New Auto’ strategy, Volkswagen defines mobility for generations to come – sustainable and digital.

One of the most obvious ‘new VW’ things about the Gen.Travel concept is the lack of a badge. Instead of the iconic VW logo, the sign simply reads “Volkswagen Group.”

Volkswagen General Travel Concept 9


Between sedan and MPV

Gen.Travel is very much a design study. VW makes no claims on the range, power, or exclusivity. Rather, it’s about imagining the future of mobility.

Four chairs are fitted, with a table for up to four people standing in the middle for business conferences. On longer trips, two chairs can fold into beds with the user’s eye line below the Gen.Travel’s window line. For privacy

The innovative shape gives the Gen.Travel enough glass housing to let the sun in on a good day, while the hugging doors provide easy access.

Volkswagen General Travel Concept 8


Under the skin, VW says the Gen.Travel has ‘active body control’ that works with artificial intelligence and live mapping to predict the road ahead and adjust suspension settings accordingly. can go.

To extend its driving range, VW Gen.Travel will be able to identify like-minded AI vehicles on the road. ultimately, They will be able to join Creating a peloton – VW calls it ‘platooning’ – where vehicles can line up next to each other to reduce energy consumption

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